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Ben Danaher
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After years of trying everything I could, from intense press photos to fabricated bios, I've decided to be completely honest. I am just a music fan. I have obsessively studied writers that I look up to until I am completely sick of hearing their songs altogether. And then I do it all over again a week later. I started writing songs because I had an enormous respect for people who were able sneak really personal feelings into your brain through an unforgettable melody. I've leaned on their lyrics when I needed help. Lyrics penned during some heartache that some writer had to endure in order to bleed for that song and I know that I was put here to do the same thing for someone else. I am not trendy. But by the time you get done listening to one of my records you will know that I am honest. I moved from Austin, TX in 2011, shortly after my brother was killed. I was told by a long-time family friend, Allen Shamblin, that if I wanted to be a serious writer that I needed to be here. He couldn't have been more right. Not that there isn't an enormous amount of great singer/songwriters in Austin, but the process made me grow up. After being in Nashville for a year and a half my father passed away from cancer. This happened two weeks before the trial for the man who killed my brother. I spent a few months in Texas with my family and then in June of this year (2013), I released an EP,Starting Over. Reid Scelza and I went into the studio and came out with a record that I can confidently look you in the eye as I hand it to you. I am now about to go back into the studio with Reid and record another EP - five songs from the last three years of my life. Each one highlighting my dad and brother. These songs were a grieving process for me but will be those same lyrics someone will need to lean on when their loved one dies unexpectedly or is diagnosed with cancer and they can't seem to find an answer within themselves or God. 

I am excited to share this chapter of my life, career and songwriting journey with you. 

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Ben Danaher  11/26/2011            
Jake McShan
At some point in your life, everyone needs to see a Ben Danaher show, always a fun time, everyone in the crowd is always pleased, highly recomend!
Ben Danaher  04/14/2010            
Saw Ben open for John D Hale Band at Woody's in Fort Worth. He put on a good set and is a damn nice guy!
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