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Ben McPeak
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Live music venues need entertainers that bring people in the door. Ben McPeak, a young, but seasoned singer from San Antonio is finding himself on the A-list of many promoters across South Texas. With the release of his new CD, "Ups and Downs", Ben's career is taking on a whole new direction. "We do it all first class," acknowledges McPeak, "we have some of the best musicians in Texas, not to mention a show that's entertaining and fun for the whole crowd." Ben was the youngest member to join the cast of Fiesta Texas Country Music show in San Antonio, "They taught me it's not all about standing up and singing a song, but how to project my vocals, deliver a song, and make everyone feel a part of the show," says Ben. The public finds it easy to connect with the young singer. And he never backs down to a challenge. Fate would have it that while joking around at his junior-senior prom, classmates dared Ben to get up on stage and sing a song. He took the dare, went up and started singing. The next thing he knew they were all clapping and chanting to hear more. Ben thought the joke was on him at first, but people kept asking him weeks later when he was going to perform again. From then on he had the "fever". Ben was very active in football, basketball and track. He had scholarships waiting on him, but with encouragement from his friends and teachers, he decided to seek out music business professionals in order to further his singing career. "I didn't have a clue about how to form a band or the business side of music," confides Ben. "I contacted people who had been in the music business for a long time, and they encouraged me to audition for Fiesta Texas," recalls Ben. " I didn't think I had a chance, but I did it anyway. I guess the talent coordinators liked what they heard and invited me to become the youngest member to ever join the cast. For me it was like going to college for being an entertainer. I learned stage presence, how to use my vocal range properly and the history of Country Music. For five seasons I got to perform in the Music Country Music show portraying everyone from Ernest Tubb to George Strait." Today, the young San Antonian has found his own style and is garnering new fans at every performance across South Texas. Texans are loyal, like to have fun and know good music when they hear it. Talent buyers know that they are getting more than just an average local touring act when they book Ben. " I like to have fun on stage, joke with the crowd, and sing songs they want to hear. I haven't been compared to other singers, and I hear that's a good thing," says McPeak. The new CD was produced by Bill Green and features songs written by Mark Nesler, Billy O'Rourke, Skip Ewing, Frank Dycus, Tommy Rocco, and others, as well as two songs co-written by Ben himself. Also included is a 60's hit by the late, great Waylon Jennings, "Only Daddy That'll Walk the Line", and an old Merle Haggard favorite, "Think I'll Stay Here and Drink". Be watching and listening for appearances by Ben in Texas venues. You'll see and hear a great show!
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