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Bill and Bonnie Hearne
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Bill and Bonnie Hearne are true American musical legends. Based in Santa Fe, New Mexico for over two decades, these transplanted Texans have been playing to audiences from Los Angeles to Boston for over thirty years. Their latest release, Celebration: Live at the La Fonda, was recorded in August of 2002. Produced by Grammy award winning Jim Rooney, Celebration is just that, a celebration. The brainchild of journalist and fan Mary Alden, Celebration began as a celebration of the ten-year relationship between Bill and Bonnie and the historic La Fonda Hotel in Santa Fe. It ended up being a celebration of music and life itself, bringing together lifelong friends of Bill and Bonnie – musicians and otherwise – for two evenings of music and friendship. It was a memorable night. For Celebration ordering information, please visit “The Album Store” on this web site. For those visitors to the web site who are newcomers to the music of Bill and Bonnie Hearne, please continue to read the notes below which were prepared for the release of Diamonds in the Rough, their 1997 Warner Western CD, also produced by Jim Rooney.
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Bill and Bonnie Hearne  08/01/2008            
"Diamonds in the Rough" is not a CD for the rowdy, beer drinking crowd but one to enjoy when you want to kick back, sip your favorite beverage and listen to stories of life! It's for those who enjoy harmony and being able to hear the different sounds individually that make beautiful music. Oh, it has a few upbeat tunes such as the polka sound found in "Bluebonnet Girl" and the classic C&W sound in "Invitation to the Blues." My favorite on the CD is "Wild Geese." The tune is nice, the harmony is as good as it gets but make sure to focus on the message of the words. A beautiful classic song!
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