Blaze Foley

Blaze Foley
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Foley has long been celebrated by the Austin music community as a master singer/songwriter and a uniquely colorful character. Killed in February of 1989, Blaze lives on in the songs he left and the stories his memory invokes. At the time of his death, Blaze Foley (whose real name was Michael David Fuller) was little known outside of Austinís renegade songwriter circles. But recent events have sparked interest in the Foley songbook. Three tribute CDs of Foley songs were released by Deep South Productions, with a fourth in the works. Lucinda Williamsí Drunken Angel, and Townes Van Zandtís Blazeís Blues, personal tributes to Foley, are adding to his legacy. A documentary is currently being produced and a feature film about Townes and Blaze is in development. Born in Marfa in l949, Foley grew up in West Texas, performing at an early age in a family gospel act called the Fuller Family. Foley eventually landed in Austin to pursue his songwriting and performing career. Even in Austin, a city filled with non-conformists, the duct tape adorned Foley stood out. He slept on friendsí couches or on the pool tables in clubs. Periodically banned (if only temporarily) by many Austin clubs, he made the Austin Outhouse his surrogate home. Above all, Foley is remembered for the stark honesty of his songs. They tapped emotions so deep, they sometimes reduced his lumbering frame to tears while performing. From aching love songs to provocative political commentary, Foleyís songs reflected his uncompromising artistic vision. Intensely devoted to his craft, it is said Foley never held a day job. He wrote a large number of songs and made many recordings. Unfortunately, his career is littered with bankrupt record companies, lost masters, stolen tapes and limited pressings. One master is even reported to be in the hands of the FBI, or the DEA, depending on who is telling the story.
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Blaze Foley  08/04/2005            
Marsha Weldon
Blaze Foley; "Oval Room", Live at the Outhouse. Just dropped in, I'm Blaze's sister, thought I'd say hello. Hello. Texas Ghost Writers Music/BMI I love Blaze's talent.
Blaze Foley  06/01/2005            
Angie McClure
This is a great album. I don't know much about Blaze Foley, just a few of the stories that I've heard from musicians who knew him or wish they would have known him. This c.d. was given to me by a friend, and it's one of the best gifts I have ever received.
Blaze Foley  12/18/2003            
If you don't own this, you are missing out
Blaze Foley  08/25/2003            
Rick the Hick-Detroit
The quintessential bar room bard. One senses in Blaze's songs immense true heartache ("If I Could Only Fly" is a classic), rather than the popularized version which is supposed to pass for country music today. Unfortunately this is his only album, and most of his songs lost. What could have been had his life not ended so suddenly and tragically.
Blaze Foley  05/07/2003            
annabelle keller
Willie Nelson is a legend in our time. The music of his voice and guitar flow so smoothly. Listening to him sing and play his guitar lifts the spirits in my heart and soul. Watching Willie Nelson perform in person is the best memory I will always keep with me.
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