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Bob Livingston
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Singer-songwriter BOB LIVINGSTON has never been a traditional Texas country musician living the honky-tonk life, even though he's spent more than his share of time on the roadhouse circuit with some of the most colorful musicians in Texas. As a member of Austin’s legendary Lost Gonzo Band, performing and recording with such musical visionaries as Jerry Jeff Walker, Michael Martin Murphey and Ray Wylie Hubbard, Livingston played an integral role in creating the music that first earned Austin the designation of 'Live Music Capital of the World'. Achieving recognition in their own right, the Gonzo’ self-titled debut record was named by 'Rolling Stone', "one of the best albums ever to come out of Austin."

Livingston has seen a lot of the world since growing up in musically fertile West Texas. Hailing originally from Lubbock, his interests were more 'Cosmic' than 'Cowboy' and have prompted him to delve into the music and mysteries of many cultures. Traveling since the 80’s as a Music Ambassador for the US State Department, Livingston has taken Texas music as far afield as India, Africa, Southeast Asia and the Middle East, demonstrating again and again the unique power that music has to build bridges between peoples of the world. As Livingston says, 'When all else fails, music prevails'. This philosophy earned him the honor of being appointed, 'Austin’s International Music Ambassador', in 2010 by the Austin City Council. This world-traveled view was reflected in his album, 'Mahatma Gandhi and Sitting Bull', released in 2004 and named by the Austin American-Statesman as one of the year’s Top 10 CDs. 

With his new CD, Gypsy Alibi, Livingston presents a mixed bag of folk-rock, Americana, country, rock-a-billy with an epic or two thrown in. Co-produced by Lloyd Maines, Gypsy Alibi, promises radio stations of all genres something to program.

Livingston also leads a multi-cultural group of musicians from Texas and India called Cowboys & Indians and he’s turning the concept into a full fledged musical play. Also on the creative horizon is a documentary film that Livingston and his son, Tucker, are editing about their tours for the State Department their tours in the Middle East, Africa and South Asia.

This veteran singer-songwriter and a master storyteller captures his audience from the first notes played. Livingston extends an irresistible invitation to travel down the musical highways and rutted back country roads where fate has taken him over the years. An unforgettable album of Texas music and tales of how it came to be, lies just down the road…
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Bob Livingston  10/24/2011            
Patterson Barrett
Anyone who heard Michael Murphey before he found a middle name or Jerry Jeff Walker in his early heyday will surely notice a familiar tone in this fine CD from Bob Livingston. That’s not to say that Gypsy Alibi is derivative—on the contrary, it’s because Mr. Livingston was an integral part of the sound and spirit of those artist’s best work. I was there and witness to some of those performances, which makes me both credible and bias I suppose. The songs run the gamut from the comforting folk-rock of “Ruby’s Shoes”, to the rollicking boogie chug of “Middle Ages Rockabilly Blues”. “Country Western Swing” adds a refreshing funky twist to the traditional western swing we’re familiar with, while the title track has a more cinematic sound in the same way that some of Randy Newman’s best work does. But none of this genre shifting ever feels forced. Livingston’s warm and easy vocal delivery is largely responsible—like listening to a longtime friend. The songwriting too, is relaxed and accessible, never making a big show of its themes, but letting the listener come around to seeing the point in his own time. It also doesn’t hurt to have someone like Llyod Maines as a co-producer, someone who has also had a long, impressive career and is well versed in many a musical style. Congratulations to Bob Livingston for Gypsy Alibi—a wonderful work from a deserving journeyman artist that should raise his profile.
Bob Livingston  12/19/2005            
Brian Burns
This is one of the coolest records I've ever heard; Bob's talents demand that he be an artist rather than a sideman... 'tis better to be cosmic than big & rich!!!
Bob Livingston  03/12/2005            
Linda Lightburn
I remember him when...This is a unique record considering Livingston comes from such a honky tonk background with Jerry Jeff, Hubbard, etc. But then, that's why they call him "Cosmic Bob" right? I don't understand why Livingston isn't more well known. Remember the Lost Gonzos! Wow!
Bob Livingston  08/26/2003            
Charles Maddux
Cool CD. Nice to find someone in the so called "Texas music" genera doing something different. I really love "On A Dream With You"- a duet with Eliza Gilkyson.
Bob Livingston  08/26/2003            
Hally Scofield
This is a really unique and eclectic record. Livingston comes from a long line of texas singer songwriters, playy with jerry jeff Walker, etc. But this record is way different. I highly recommend it.
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