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Bobby Duncan
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Bobby Duncan is not your typical 21 year old. For starters, his full time job is traveling on the road with his band all over the great divide of Texas and Oklahoma. He also is a seasoned guitar player, having picked up the instrument at age 12 and has been writing songs since he was 16. Bobby’s path crossed with Walt Wilkins eventually leading to the legendary singer/songwriter producing Duncan's album "Lonesome Town". Duncan has spent the last couple of years between the lines on highways and roads sharing his music with anyone who will listen with his newly formed band or just on a stage with a guitar and a microphone. Whether hearing his well crafted songs, his versatile, smooth voice, or seeing him on stage with his easily noticed wavy black hair, Duncan is hard to miss. Bobby arguably has the oldest soul of any young songwriter around. With songs like “This Ain’t Love,” and “My Last Goodbye,” Duncan shows the already great depth he has as a story teller and purveyor of emotion. If you are looking for a little country, rock, folk, or most importantly, extremely well written songs with an infectious sound, you are sure to find something you like with Bobby Duncan.
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Bobby Duncan  05/11/2009            
Big Daddy
This is a very good CD, and you can definitely tell that Walt Wilkins was involved in it's production. However, Bobby Duncan has the talent to stand alone. Get this won't be sorry.
Bobby Duncan  05/04/2009            
Gary in Rochester
Walt Wilkins produced it. With Bobby's pipes and Walt's guiding hand...Pretty good chance it will be a terrific CD.
Bobby Duncan  07/22/2008            
Hal H.
I have seen Bobby play 4 shows, and I am always looking for a time to catch him when he comes around again. He sounds great live, and all of his music comes from the heart, and you can tell.
Bobby Duncan  05/24/2008            
I saw Bobby D first the first time in Steamboat, CO this year with Johnny Cooper. This guy has a great voice and writes all his songs from the heart. He just rocks!
Bobby Duncan  05/23/2008            
CJ 33
saw him at the blue light in Lubbock..pretty good stuff..i would definatly go see him again
Bobby Duncan  05/23/2008            
CJ 33
saw him at the blue light in Lubbock..pretty good stuff..i would definatly go see him again
Bobby Duncan  04/15/2008            
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Bobby Duncan  01/19/2008            
I bought Lonesome Town when he played at LAW in Grapevine thinking I was just supporting a local artist. It ended up being one of my best buys of 2007. Check out "Hometown City Limit Sign" and "Live Your Life". This dude is truly a great talent.
Bobby Duncan  10/26/2007            
Jamey Taylor
Bobby has a very original sound and is a great singer and guitarist. He is also cool to hang with at KV's, he is a geuine person and i love him for that.
Bobby Duncan  07/06/2007            
bobby is an amazing talent. songwriting and soul beyond his years, a unique and distinctive singing voice, and a guitar player to boot! his cd is excellent front to back! he is awesome live so get out to a show and pick up his cd. i can't wait for the next one!
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