Brett Mouton

Brett Mouton
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Like a fine wine Brett Mouton keeps getting better with time. At the age of 23 this Houston based singer-songwriter has just released his first complete album “Better With Time.” Brett’s music is a unique blend of country-western, folk, and Americana that truly transcends a single genre. Songwriting has always been Brett’s true passion. His simple and honest depictions of the highs and lows life has to offer strike a chord with anyone who lends an ear. Brett was born in southern Louisiana and raised on an eclectic blend of southern rock and country. He inherited his talent and love for performing from his father who played in numerous bands in southern Louisiana. Before finding his niche in music Brett tried his hand in the offshore oilfields of the Gulf of Mexico. These experiences still have a strong presence in his songwriting today. In 2002 Brett planted his roots in Houston and has since made a substantial impact on the local music scene. Since then Brett has spent his time wherever there is music to be played or listened to, while trying to find his own sound. His new release “Better With Time” stands as proof that his work ethic and genuine love for music has paid off. The dedicated following Brett has built in the Houston area has inspired him to spread his influence to a larger audience. Brett is determined to expand his fan base and pack venues across the state. With the quality of his music and energy of his performances the possibilities are truly endless.
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Brett Mouton  12/08/2008            
I met Brett @ an unusual place, a Funeral for my uncle, he is friends w/ my cousin & Brother. Funny I never knew who I was talking to until I remebered my brother was listening to music on a hunting trip, and said the guys name and I liked it, so I googled Bretts name, I was really shocked to see his face. Good songs and a great guy, who is Humble to everybody.
Brett Mouton  05/10/2008            
Kyle C
I met Brett a few years ago when he was playing the local bars in the Baytown area. I like his music back then. It is good to see he is getting the recongnition that goes with his music.
Brett Mouton  11/23/2007            
child hood friend
I have known Brett since middle school but lost touch and when I saw his name on the Firehouse sign in HOuston I had to check him out! He was amazing. His lyrics are so real and really speaks to his audiences. The best thing is that he is just as good live as he is recorded. Brett is a truly talended indivisual and should be winning awards with all the other country stars!!!!!!!!!!!!
Brett Mouton  05/19/2007            
I heard he was gay. Not really. This guy's awesome though. Great CD!
Brett Mouton  04/07/2007            
Geraldine Gray
I saw Brett in Houston a few months ago (he will remember me because I was the Brit with the DEA cop!) when he was the warm up act. He was great and left the next act in his dust. Have since been listening to his album ever since which is excellent. I shared it with a friend who called it "poetry with music" and music that spoke to his audience. I just can't see why he isn't famous and on the radio. Wonderful melodies & lyrics. Make some more.
Brett Mouton  02/26/2007            
I got to here Brett for the first time at a friends house over the weekend. I bought his CD before leaving the house. He is just as good in person as on the CD.
Brett Mouton  10/02/2006            
Austin Native
Wow.... Just great Brett. Very original! I'm impressed.
Brett Mouton  09/17/2006            
I really enjoyed this cd...grab urself a copy
Brett Mouton  09/17/2006            
Brett Mouton was my next door neighbor. His father Keith was an excellent musician and singer,we really enjoyed his music. I heard that Brett was playing and singing at the firehouse saloon. I had the pleasure of seeing him perform on Thursday night width a friend of mine we bought the cd its really good for such a young whippersnapper!!!!!
Brett Mouton  09/07/2006            
Great music.
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