Brian Houser

Brian Houser
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"Simple Lives", the theme of Brian Houser's third CD release, represents not only his upbringing and the guiding direction for his life but also celebrates real people that have touched Brian's life either directly or indirectly. In essence, the songs provide a glimpse into the heart of this songwriter and his overwhelming respect for everyday people who through their everyday lives leave a lasting impression on those around them. Brian's role as the troubadour for the common man was destined almost from the beginning. Brian Houser was born on March 30, 1958 in St. Louis, Missouri. But, his roots grew deep in the country as he was raised in the rural Missouri countryside, just south of the city near the town of Antonia. The youngest of four children born to Brant and Jane, Brian grew up in a small house that his parents built with their own hands. Brant and Jane Houser were both actively interested in music and always had a wealth of instruments around the house while the children were growing up. This opportunity for musical exploration, combined with the musical interests of his older brother Doug, were to be the seeds that later would germinate into a musical career for Brian. In 1975, Doug took Brian to a Kris Kristofferson concert. This event was a turning point musically for Brian as he finally found a form of country music that spoke openly, honestly, and artistically about life and living. This would open the door to other legendary favorites, most notably Willie Nelson, and Johnny Cash. A carpenter by trade, music has always been a form of release and celebration for Brian. Usually every performance has been preceded by a forty-hour workweek and singing from a working man¹s perspective fits his core belief that country music should be a true reflection of common people and their simple lives. In 1998, Brian Houser released his first CD, the critically acclaimed "Never Look Back." It was produced at the demand of his loyal followers in his hometown of Denton, Texas and documents his emotions of a failed 10-year marriage. The attention garnished by this work led to performances with Jerry Jeff Walker, Robert Keen and, most notably Brian's musical hero, Willie Nelson. For the second CD, "Son of a Common Man", Brian was able to secure the legendary Lloyd Maines to not only produce the CD but also to play pedal steel and a wide assortment of other musical instruments. "Son of a Common Man," with its tribute song to Brant Houser, received great reviews for the quality of the songwriting and the production. The Houser/Maines combination is currently being repeated on the upcoming third CD, "Simple Lives." Like his previous work, these original songs reflect his long-standing Texas heritage and his connection with the common man that has been the foundation of country music for generations. "Simple Lives' was released in early September 2004 on the Yippee Records label.
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Brian Houser  02/04/2007            
A Fan
He has the capability to be either deep or flippant, depending. He's just a helluva lot of fun and you can tell he loves his music.
Brian Houser  08/10/2004            
Ron Obryan
absolutely amazing.
Brian Houser  12/25/2003            
Amber in Austin
This guy and his music are incredible. He plays in my hometown and this is a show you want to see if possible. You will be amazed by his depth and talent as well as his ability to do so many music genres so well. He knows most of his fans and after playing in Denton for over ten years he's still genuinely excited to be there. Buy his albums, see his show neither one is a waste of your money.
Brian Houser  05/22/2003            
Brian Houser  04/30/2002            
Katie Hinckley
One of the best country singers I've experienced. I've seen him live several times and listen to his CD's constantly. He writes and sings with true meaning. You have to give him a try!
Brian Houser  11/14/2001            
John Webb
Super album. This guy is really good and his CD's are both excellent.
Brian Houser  11/14/2001            
John Webb
This guy is really good! Both of his CD's are excellent. Bought them after I saw him on "Texas Country Reporter". Absolutely no disappointment with either.
Brian Houser  09/27/2000            
Jim Giles
What a great song writer! He is also a good guitar picker. You'll be hearing a lot about this guy. Give this cd a try you will not be disappointed. The song Santa Fe Trail is exceptional!
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