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Brian Langlinais
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“I’m a roadhouse singer. My influences have always been the musicians who played the Texas and Louisiana roadhouses and dancehalls along the Gulf Coast,” says Brian Langlinais (LONG-la-nay). He laid out a mission for his sophomoreCD, Tonight I Might: “I want to perform and record soulful, passionate, thought-provoking songs—music that moves people to dance.” One listen is all you need to know he accomplished that mission.

It has been four years since Langlinais’ debut CD, Rock & Fire, was released, but the wait has been worth it.Tonight I Might captures the passion he brings to the stage as a performer, without ever once sounding sterile or safe. The 12 songs on thealbum not only showcase his rich, soulful voice, they also open a window into the heart of a maturing artist reflecting on the joy and pain of life with uncommon honesty. “This CD is closer to who I am,” says Brian. “I’vegrown a lot in the last four years. Nothing heavy, but like a lot of people, I’m working on being a better man, a better father.

"That had a lot to do with the songs on this album,” continues Langlinais. “I wanted to pick songs that have a groove and just plain make me want to dance. But I was also drawn to songs that have deeper meaning … I call it ‘roadhouse haiku’.”

One theme that is consistent throughout the record is an unwavering commitment to personal responsibility, as heard in the album’s beautiful anchor song “By My Own Hand.” But there are no sermons here. “I don’t want to preach,” says Langlinais, “It’s about looking at life a little differently—seeing the glass half full.”

The songs run the gamut of emotions from the fun, up-tempo, swamp rock sounds of “Tennessee Hideaway” and “Don’t Shoot the Snake in the Bottom of the Boat” and the ‘60s rocker “Do What’s Right”—to poignant and tender love songs such as “When I Look into Her Eyes” and “She’s Everything to Me”—and to the spiritually-infused and brutally honest “Soul Searching” and “I Was a Burden.”

It is in the album’s title song, though, that Langlinais’ goal of recording “thought-provoking” songs may be most soulfully realized. “Never thought about tomorrow … Never thought about leavin’ …  But tonight I might.”

With Bill Small and Walt Wilkins(of The Mystiqueros) as producers, it was easy to weave Brian Langlinais’ intellectual honky-tonk throughout the whole recording process and bring a rich musical expression to the finished project. Says Langlinais, “Bill and Walt provided a safe, fun, and relaxed environment by recording in Austin with musicians that I not only respect immensely but are also some of my closest friends. And to me, at least in music, safe equals trust, and trust equals true spontaneity and honest creativity—exactly what I was aiming for.”

Tonight I Might is Brian Langlinais’ first release with Ft. Worth’s Blue Boot Records, whose roster includes Texas heavy-hitters such as Tommy Alverson, The Mystiqueros, and artist, songwriter, and producer Walt Wilkins. Of Brian, Walt says, “He can shake a room and make the spirits swirl with his voice and his very presence. A Cadillac of a singer, and cool picker to boot. Lafayette, Memphis, Austin, West Coast, East Coast ... it's all in there, and he brings it out from his toes every time he sings."

With Tonight I Might, Louisiana-born Brian Langlinais has accomplished what few artists realize in a sophomore CD – an authentic musical work in a unique and singular voice.  Like the best Cajun etouffee, each bite feeds both the body and the soul.

So open your roadhouse soul right now: toss the CD on, crack open a cold beer, contemplate honky tonks and haiku—and then dance ’til the sun comes up!

“Brian Langlinais’ mix of Gulf Coast soulful rock and stroll, with some blues of course, and some gospel  … all come together with confident playing on his second CD, Tonight I Might … excellent CD.” —Buddy: The Original Texas Music Magazine

"Brian Langlinais is not only an excellent guitar player, he is also blessed with a beautiful, soulful voice which can alternate between the raw and the subdued. ... Produced by Walt Wilkins and Bill Small, the album sounds remarkably warm and clear. ... Tonight I Might is a brilliant collection that lovers of good roots music will appreciate." —Alt Country Forum

"The music is so fresh and unique that someone [had] to come up with an equally unique handle for the sound. I'll have to add 'Roadhouse Soul' to the list of great sounds that I have encountered in a city that many still regard as a 'Country Music Town'."

Ken Utterback, Nashville Music Examiner

”Danceable grooves and introspective lyrics … smooth and soulful vocals backed by top notch musicianship.”  —Janet Goodman, Music News Nashville

“With his beautiful voice, Brian Langlinais  again delivers twelve great, widely varied songs, from blues to soul, from Americana to honky-tonk. Tonight I Might is, in our opinion, one of the best we could listen to this year.” Rootstime

“With Tonight I Might, an authentic musical masterpiece, Brian Langlinais has delivered a brilliant collection of love songs and roots music.” —Keys & Chords

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