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Buddy Holly
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BUDDY HOLLY (1936-1959) Hometown: Lubbock, TX Considered one of the fathers of rock 'n roll, Buddy Holly demonstrated his love for music early in his life. As a child, Holly learned to play the violin and the piano. However, he soon discovered a preference for the guitar. Holly's parents, Laurence O. and Ella Holly, continuously supported the young artist in his music ventures. By age 13, Holly and his friend Bob Montgomery were playing a kind of music they called "Western Bop," as well as mainstream country songs which they performed at local clubs. Holly's first opportunity in the music industry came when a scout for Decca Records saw the duo at a local rock show where they had opened for Bill Haley and the Comets. Decca signed Holly alone to produce a few singles. However, Decca decided Holly wasn't quite ready yet, and they advised him to return to Lubbock and keep working on his music. Holly followed the advice and with the help of some friends formed his own band, The Crickets. Holly was the group's guitarist and vocals. Much of the band's music was produced by Norman Petty's studios in Clovis, New Mexico. Among the themes they recorded, was a lively version of "That'll Be the Day" which caught Decca's attention once again. From that moment on, the group's songs were released on Decca's subsidiary, Brunswick label. The group's music talent, together with Holly's unique "excited" style of singing made them a success. Songs such as "Maybe Baby," "Oh Boy!" and Holly's solo hit "Peggy Sue" became extremely popular, especially among teenagers. Holly and the Crickets entered areas of music such as rhythm and blues which until then, had been exclusive to black artists. Once, they were even mistaken for a Black group and booked to perform at the Apollo Theater for a mostly Black audience. Although at first the band was booed, by their third day performing they had become a hit.
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Buddy Holly  08/09/2007            
Lubbock, Texas
To James, As to what "other crap" are you spitting your hate about?
Buddy Holly  04/21/2005            
Ahh..i remember these old days back in the 70's and 80's. i was sitting in my room playing my moms old vinyl records on her old record player. While my friends was listen to Whan and michael Jackson, i was in good company with Elvis, Hank Williams, Cash, Buddy Holly and Bob Montgomery. Especially the Bud and Bob Duo brigthened my days, when they were long, cloudy and rainy. Even you are not in this world anymore, you will always be in my heart and my memories. Thanks for the music! BTW i still have all these old vinyl records, and they are NOT for sale!
Buddy Holly  03/28/2005            
Another Texas great! It is good that he never lived to the the utter crap coming out of Lubbock these days.
Buddy Holly  01/25/2004            
buddy holly
buddy holly
Buddy Holly  02/24/2002            
Buddy Holly IS Texas Music....
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