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Carl Manchaca is a bold act. Simply stated, simply true. After 8 years of fine tuning his personal style, he is catching the eyes and ears of the industry. His impelling stage presence has made Carl an easy choice to open for numerous national touring bands and, for the second year in a row, he was called on to perform on the Jack Daniels' sponsored Lynchburg Stage during the George Strait Country Music Festival. Carl joined the show in New Orleans and San Antonio during the 1999 tour, and again in Houston and Dallas during the 2000 tour. One writer touted "Carl Manchaca - Hotter than Houston, Bigger than Dallas." That's staking a big claim for a small town Texas boy. But few who have been to his show would bet against Carl when he says he's ready to take on the challenges and struggles to get to the top in the country music business. With two well received albums under his belt, Carl is optimistic about the direction his career is headed. "Country music is so much more than what has been served up over the last number of years. It's soul and it's folk and it's gospel and it's roots ... it's real life ... it's everything all rolled up in one package. The only thing it's NOT is the prefabricated, assembly line tunes that dominate country radio today. There are still country artists doing country music, George Strait, Asleep at the Wheel and those guys, but most of it's like comparing junk-food to Mama's cooking." Carl's new CD features several of his own songs. "One thing you can count on from a song I write is that you can, without a doubt, dance to it. I love to perform and I love to see the dance-floor full." Carl sees a lot of full dance-floors. He has broken attendance records at a number of the venues he performs in and has enjoyed a loyal fan base, many following his schedule from show to show regardless of the distance, calling out the track numbers of their favorites from his CDs, then singing along. And he is a highly sought after act for charity fund raisers and civic events because of his wide appeal and his strong commitment to community service. Carl is a board member of his local Chamber of Commerce and has participated in countless benefits as both a performer and a volunteer. Every year Carl, sponsors his own "Stars, Pars & Guitars Celebrity Golf Tournament & Concert Party" at the Eagle Pointe Golf Club in Mont Belvieu, Texas and, being a firm believer in higher education, donates a large portion of the proceeds to the local high school scholarship fund. Carl performs regularly at a number of venues, including Blanco's (Houston) and The White Elephant (Ft. Worth), and has been a repeat performer at festivals, fairs and rodeos and the annual events connected with the Houston Livestock Show & Rodeo / Metro Go-Texan Committees.
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Carl Manchaca  02/13/2010            
Cindy Garza
A refreshing sound but I expect nothing less from Carl. No copy catting here. Carl has his own style. Love this CD even more than the first. If you got a daughter then "The Years Just Fly" will certainly tug at your heart. Already waiting on the next CD. Keep um coming big guy.
Carl Manchaca  06/29/2009            
Jack Helton
The music on this CD is AWESOME!! The LIVE show is great as well.
Carl Manchaca  03/27/2003            
Folks this hometown boy can sing! If you get the chance to see him perform, you won't be disappointed.
Carl Manchaca  07/02/2002            
Carl Manchaca  03/09/2002            
Carl Manchaca  01/27/2001            
A Texas music fan
Carl Manchaca has a winner in his latest self-titled album. All the tracks are good, but "She Wasn't With 'Em" is a hit. It is a great story as well as extremely danceable. Another really fun song is "Goin' Home." Love the rub board, sha! And if you are a dad who is suddenly watching your little girl flie from the nest, "The Years Just Fly" will surely go straight to your heart.
Carl Manchaca  11/23/2000            
Joanna Boehme
He is one awesome performer from my hometown!
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