Dallas Burrow

Dallas Burrow
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Music is the centerpiece of the unorthodox life of Dallas Burrow. A singer songwriter from the Texas Hill Country, Dallas’ compositions, lyrics, and the rootsy, raw, organic delivery of his unique sound, offer an authentic and unedited experience that resonates with music purists. In the same wheel house as artists from Townes Van Zandt to Screamin' Jay Hawkins, and with more modern influences like Tom Waits and Jack Johnson, Dallas’ lyrics, guitar style, and smoky, calming, often haunting vocals are a winning combination. Dallas’ musical art is refreshingly honest and directly reflective of a unique life path and multi-layered identity. His world travels, adventure seeking spirit, affinity for Native American culture, and appreciation for nature and earthly gifts are common themes woven throughout his songs. Part cowboy, part Indian, part hippie, part poet, Dallas Burrow is simply an extraordinarily unique and talented being who is clearly meant to deliver his music to the world. Raised in New Braunfels, the mecca for Texas songwriters, musicians, and music enthusiasts, Dallas was surrounded by the music industry early on. As a teenager, he opted to focus his studies on music, more specifically classical guitar. After graduation – with guitar in tow, he wandered, traveled, toured, and hasn’t looked back since. Over the past 5 years, Dallas has performed in clubs, coffee shops, piazzas throughout Europe, and on street corners and radio stations from the USA to Amsterdam, to Budapest and beyond. He’s crossed paths and jammed with hundreds of fellow musicians, including memorable sessions with Bob Dylan and Dr. John. Dallas Burrow’s “The Four Winds Chronicles, A 4-EP Set is a diary of his journey through life - set to original music. 'Western Town' was the first of the series, with 'Eastern Trails' also available. 'Northern Lights' and Southern Belle' will complete the set in May 2016. His sound is refreshingly authentic and real, as Dallas delivers his songs with a humanity and vulnerability that is relatable and genuine. With thought-provoking lyrics, heart-felt phrasing, and an imperfect polish, his music draws people in and makes them simply… feel. From the gritty, soulful “Gotta Ramble” to the hymn-like solitude of the ballad “Come a Long Way,” from the bluegrass-esque, foot-tapping “No Time to Waste” to the Pink Floyd-ish “Sun Goes Down,” track for track Dallas’ “The Four Winds Chronicles” EP set is a strong debut project that foretells of a long and successful career.
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