Darren Kozelsky

Darren Kozelsky
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From the thick of the Red Dirt music scene comes a debut artist with a hypnotizing talent that takes us back to the traditional sound of country music. In the onset of what will surely become a most respected career, Darren Kozelsky comes into radar with his debut release, Let Your Mind Fly, on Boo Hatch Records. Texas born and bred, Kozelsky is the spittin’ image of that contagious gene that runs through the Red Dirt blood stream. A San Angelo State University graduate, and on the Dean’s list no less, his emerging aptitude as a singer/songwriter has been recognized and embraced by his audience and peers alike. Wade Bowen is but one of many in the “brotherhood” who senses the inevitable success of this newcomer, proving that good word travels fast. “Darren Kozelsky has one of the best debut albums of any artist I have heard from in this scene. His powerful voice and remarkable character will take him extremely far.” Sharing the writer’s log with A list versifiers such as Red Dirt God father, Bob Childers, Tom Skinner, Jonny Burke and Dean Faires (Dead Ringers), and Mike McClure was initially a nerve racking experience as Darren admits. “It was very intimidating when Mike stepped in to assist in writing. It was a really big deal being that I am such a big fan of Mike’s. I was wreck.” As the formation of the record progressed, Darren found himself facing his songwriting fears while being held close under the wing of Mike McClure. Reverently known for his signature tales including “Rather Have Nothin’,’” which will appear on Garth Brooks’ February release of The Lost Sessions, McClure has also become one of the most coveted producers in the Red Dirt music scene. His savoir faire for making records is wide spread including all three major label releases from touring super giants, Cross Canadian Ragweed. "Working with Darren has been one of my favorite projects. Let Your Mind Fly is the best record I've ever recorded with the most country sound I have done in a while. He has a powerful voice and we have all the top-notch players on it. I'm very proud of it.” Some of the prime time players include legendary Texas steel player and GRAMMY award winning producer, Lloyd Maines, fiddle player Cody Braun from Reckless Kelly. Darren’s warm country cadence ushers us into “Cool Grass” with the ease of that George Straight-esque southern comfort, and a fluent nature inherited in part by the unmistakable whine of Texas steel player, Lloyd Maines. Its enlightened attitude, as the record’s title suggests, sets a tone for what would be a solid body of “chicken soup for the soul.” The collection is finely “tuned” and highly caffinated with tunes like “Only Habit I Can’t Put Down” and “Mind Over Matter’.” The vagabond saunter of “Of Another Kind” is a widely received theme in the country music curriculum, and it goes hand in hand (like all the best combinations) with the tale of chance encounters that can lead to change of heart in “Restless Spirits.” It’s the every day candor of life that makes the best stories whether it is in the form of a paperback or a record, and this one is not without its tearjerkers. The imploring words from a lover’s heart in “Only Your Friend,” lends us mercilessly into the gorgeous serenade of “Good Morning Angel,” an ode that would make even the most cynical of broken hearts believe again. Let Your Mind Fly should most definitely hold high rank in any country music lover’s collection. Although highly addictive, it’s quite good therapy.
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Darren Kozelsky  07/01/2009            
This entire CD is FANTASTIC! I haven't taken it out of my player since I got it. Love it!
Darren Kozelsky  01/06/2009            
That "Cool Grass" song is badass!!!
Darren Kozelsky  11/10/2008            
Darren played a great show out at the Hall of Fame but there was only like 20 people there. We stayed the whole time and got to talk with Darren afterwards. The band still played their butts off and I respect that. Great times. Hope to see you down the road
Darren Kozelsky  01/08/2008            
I listened to the clips from the album, thought he sounded pretty good so I bought it. After a few rounds through the old CD player, I formed the opinion that this is a solid, but not spectacular, debut CD. I'm not hating on him by any means, there was just no material on the CD that made him stand out from the crowd. Not that he's not a good singer; he's got a great voice. I just think he needs to find his own sound, most of the tunes on this CD were a little too generic for my taste. I actually liked "Cool Grass" quite a bit, but I was lukewarm to the rest of the CD. All that said, I'll probably buy his next CD...I think he's got a lot of potential.
Darren Kozelsky  04/01/2007            
Dorin Marincas CMA-Europe
Howdy Darren! Great song "Cool Grass" from cd-tex 52. Super country voice . I am writing you from Romania. I am the owner of Country Do Club Romania and my company produces syndicated radio shows with country music for 12 radio stations across Romania including National R3 Romania tation "www.Radio3net.ro". If you have any promotional materials with the logo of your company and signed cd-s and...some old stuff,clerance for you, new for us, with Country Music (cd-s,DVD-s until 2007) please send them to me on the below address to include it in my productions.(Dorin Marincas OP12 CP835 Cluj-Napoca, Romania - Europe ...I prefere this address). I am the host and the producer of one hour Country Music TV-Show, at Tele Europa Nova from Cluj area and if you have any DVD-s with country music performances, please send them too, for my tv-show. I am ACM member and Sterling Member of CMA, the only one in Eastern Europe (#503088,maybe you are too). The address of my US Department: Alecs Variny 512 Nez Perce Lane Lake Villa,IL,60046 Sorry about my english. Thank you. Transylvania Cowboy Dorin Marincash P.S.: Can You send me by e-mail(wav or to audio cd) the ID from You?...Maybe: "Hello Romania, I'm (this is, my name is).. ..from... and you listening the Country-Do Radio...bla, bla.."Do, is pronuncing like first musical note(or Do from Door or Doll!!). Sorry about my english, Dorin.
Darren Kozelsky  03/27/2007            
Being from San Angelo and getting to see Darren and the Swigs perform allot,We all knew He was going to make it big with his music .This is a great album!I'm already looking forward to the next one.
Darren Kozelsky  03/04/2007            
when i first heard this guy, i was thinking that he might be the next big act to come out of texas. i think he has the potential. great cd, great work.
Darren Kozelsky  02/20/2007            
Working for KRUN-AM in Ballinger, Texas, it's great to see Darren doing so well. Seeing since we were the first to play Darren, we'll continue to do it!
Darren Kozelsky  02/15/2007            
Wow! Buy it now!
Darren Kozelsky  01/31/2007            
What an awesome CD, I listen to it over and over and it never gets old. I can't wait to see what is next. His live show's is a must see, great singer back by a great band, these guys are gonna be around for a long time.
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