Dave Kirby

Dave Kirby
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Dave Kirby is a 100 percent independent Texas based singer songwriter who credits his latest accomplishment to the first class musicians and friends he plays with. Best described as he jokingly does of himself in the title track as a "redneck version of Dylan", Dave has finally turned out his long awaited debut album and is on his way to becoming one of the fresh faces to burst on the Texas red dirt music scene today. If you enjoy listening to good, down home story telling with smoking hot telecaster guitar licks (courtesy of the legendary Billy Hillman), you will thoroughly enjoy this album. Dave's songs are all about real life, real love, and real trouble and he lays his life out for everyone to hear on this almost autobiographical CD. This Katy, Tx. songwriter ranges his story telling from the red hot title track "I Wasn't Born In Texas" to a humoruous insight of his life threatning, alcohol induced fall from grace and subsequent recovery in "Three Chords and a Bad Memory". In between you will find a powerful tribute to the victims of hurricane Katrina and the beautifully produced Christmas track "Pennies Come From Heaven". There's a great two stepping tune "I Hate To Leave You Baby", and the high and lonesome "Sing Me Back To Texas" plus an acoustic tribute to Dave's honky tonk heroes with "Outlaws Make The World Go Round". As one Corpus Christi DJ put it so aptly "Who needs Nashville when you've got these real life story tellers right here in Texas"?
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Average Rating : 3.2              Total Reviews: 6

Dave Kirby  01/24/2008            
gerd from good old germany
Not so bad in my opinion - for a beginner not bad at all, folks - good voice, some feeling in it, nice songs, just try them out and be fair and give him a chance
Dave Kirby  09/05/2007            
I give it an A for effort. This is an amateur songwriter on a learning curve. Looking forward to the next album.
Dave Kirby  05/27/2007            
Sounds like real country music to me. The song production is a bit rusty but who can argue with the storytelling and guitar pickin?
Dave Kirby  05/26/2007            
His songs are the story of his life and I admire that he is willing to share it with everyone. Give him a little more time and he could go very far in the music business.
Dave Kirby  04/20/2007            
ehhh...just isn't that great.
Dave Kirby  03/31/2007            
Who the hell told this guy he was a 'redneck Dylan'? His music really isn't very good.
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