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Dave Teichroeb
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Dave Teichroeb (pronounced tike-robe), descended from Guelph, Ontario on September 1, 2001 into the deep south of America landing in San Marcos, Texas at ground zero of the Texas singer-songwriter scene. Matured by his first hand witnessing of a country at war he emerges three years later with his new album Canadian Whiskey - thirteen Teichroeb originals inspired as much by not being in Canada as living in Texas. Teichroeb performs weekly in San Marcos, Texas at the infamous Cheatham Street Warehouse for his popular Tex-Ontario Happy Hour and Wednesdays at the song circle where he has quickly gained a following for his Canadian influenced songwriting. Teichroeb performs bi-monthly at Café on the Square in San Marcos and the syndicated Humbletime radio show in New Braunfels, has showcased at the Kerrville South West Regional Folk Alliance and at Austin’s Waterloo Ice House. In Canada, Dave and his music can be heard at festivals, on network TV, nationally on CBC radio, college radio, and various compilations. Dave is a solid performer who has been described as making a room feel like Canada. His songs tell stories and expose the rawness of human emotion sometimes with a wink and a grin. His songs have been covered by Canadian rockers the Kramdens, up and coming country star Christine Saunders and used in commercials and movies. As a reaction to the stupidity of the Bush administration he has just recorded and made available a new "Peace Song" called No More War. He has also recorded and finished a compilation of songs by regular attendees to the Kent Finlay Wednesday Song Circle at Cheatham Street Warehouse. The songs are mostly about the famous honkey tonk and it's owner Kent Finlay who has done allot for song writers and is fighting bone cancer these days. His 2nd full-length album called Yesterday Motel received rave reviews. The Toronto Star's roots reviewer, Greg Quill, Call Yesterday Motel an independent masterpiece. You can listen to a musical review that CBC did for Yesterday Motel. It is a real audio file found at the Bandwidth Disc of the Week site and features many of the songs. Dave Teichroeb’s first solo recording, dog tales is considered by Bill Stunt (CBC –Bandwidth/Global Village) and Richard Flohil (The Record), to be one of the best Canadian releases of 1999. His songs have received rave four star reviews across the country, been featured on CBC TV and Radio, and charted in the top 10 at college stations. Now affiliated Echo Magazine calls him a “solid songwriter and gifted guitar player with a comfortable drawl not unlike Stan Ridgeway”. Chart Magazine and The Record compare his writing and singing to fellow Canuck, Ron Sexsmith. Mike Beggs of Toronto's Eye Weekly says, “ Austin in the Springtime is the best ballad never to come out of Texas and his million dollar arrangements are just as good – he gets stoned and savvy on the road before coming home to tell us, The Truth Doesn't Matter Anymore.” You may also know Dave Teichroeb as the D in DROG, an independent label he co-founded with Lewis Melville in 1993 which has released over 70 recordings by Ontario musicians. Artists in the DROG catalog include Rheostatics, Skydiggers and Chris Brown and Kate Fenner. Teichroeb's professional musical career starts in 1987 in Guelph when he formed rock band Dizzy Maroon and later Dissemblers in 1991
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Dave Teichroeb  04/25/2004            
Sandy Black
This is great album of unknowns who frequent Kent Finlay's Wed. night Song Circle in San Marcos Texas. Mostly voice and guitar recordings about Kent and his famous honket tonk that helped start the careers of George Strait, Stevei Ray Vaughn, Terri Hendrix, Adam Carol, Randy Rogers ..... Very heartfelt with intros to each song.
Dave Teichroeb  04/25/2004            
Greg Quill
Toronto Star – Greg Quill, January 27, 2001 "Yesterday Motel" This independent masterpiece, another recorded on portable digital equipment in the backrooms and dens of friends and musical compadres, is Guelph-based singer/songwriters Teichroeb’s second solo effort, and it deserves all the attention it can get. Accompanied by fine young traditional instrumentalists on banjo, pedal steel, mandolin and guitars - they’re all part of the fertile Guelph folk underground -Teichroeb’s husky, unsentimental voice weaves through 11 remarkably accomplished folk/country-rock originals, among which “I Stole The Rose From Texas,” ”Put Your Big Coat On (a paean to Ontario’s Winters),” “No Place Like Home” and “I’ll be old” are outstanding. Yesterday Motel is evidence of a new and powerful voice in the roots music arena.
Dave Teichroeb  04/25/2004            
Jimmy Jones
Thirteen heartfelt singer/songwriter songs that give an inside view into the diary pages of Teichroeb’s well traveled personal life. It’s a musical road trip from the Canadian provinces of Alberta and Prince Edward Island to his home in San Marcos,Texas. Fiddle, piano, mandolin and occasionally electric guitars and drums create the backdrop for this genre bending album where Canadian folk meets Texas singer-songwriter to create a “Tex-Ontario” sound. Featured musicians on the recording include Bill Whitbeck on bass (Robert Earl Keen Band), Brady Black on fiddle and mandolin (Randy Rogers Band), Adam Donmoyer on keys and Daniel Makins on drums.
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