David Cline

David Cline
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David was born December 21, 1948, the youngest son of four boys and one younger sister. His father was a salvage dealer and his mother a homemaker. David never had the opportunity to play football, baseball or any other extra curricular activities, but he knew first hand what a hard day's work was. He loved his parents, brothers and sister very much, no matter how hard life seemed to be. David married Becky on July 17, 1977 and they lived in a small house in Mesquite, Texas before moving to Combine, Texas in August of 1989. With the help of Becky's hard work towards their success, before her retirement May 10, 2000 , they provided a comfortable life for themselves and their three children. Becky has two daughters, Susan and Tami, and David has a son, Bryan. They also have 10 grandchildren, 5 boys and 5 girls. David worked as an insurance salesman, auto parts counterman and as an electrician before going back to his roots of dealing in salvage in 1973. In 1983 David was one of the three founders of A/C Equipment Unlimited, Inc. with headquarters in Dallas , Texas . He has been president and co-owner since the company's inception. David and Becky, with their boxer, Sir Spencer Gallahad, travel in the company's 18 wheeler buying and delivering used and rebuildable commercial and industrial air conditioning equipment. In 1995 David was in Phoenix , Arizona on business when his mother passed away from complications from Alzheimer's. He caught a plane and flew home to be with his family for the burial services. He flew back to finish up his trip and to get his truck. During his return trip he wrote some memories of his mother in a poem. When he got back to Dallas , he thought it might make a pretty song. He asked his brother-in-law, Mike Hicks, to put music to the lyrics. David's first song, "Heart and Soul," was created. He went to Patrick McGuire's studio in Arlington , Texas and asked Patrick to find the best musicians available to record his song, as a tribute to his mother. He sent it to some of the local radio stations and a few of them played it on the air. He wrote another song for his wife as a gift for their 20th wedding anniversary called. "Another Precious Year." David lost a close cousin in May 1998, Ann McFadden, who was only 44 years of age. Ann's mother asked him to write a song about her daughter and "Unforgettable Angel of Gold" was created. Over the next few years, David wrote more songs and couldn't get anyone interested enough in singing or recording them. After he wrote and recorded "I Think I'm a Cowboy Now", "Honky Tonkin ", and "That Woman is My Wife", he had nine pretty good songs. Patrick McGuire, musicians, friends and family members suggested that he put his songs on his own CD. David and Becky made the decision to go for it, even though they knew very little about the music business. With Patrick McGuire as the producer and engineer, they felt at least it could turn out to be something to pass on to the family. David and Becky decided to take it one step further and create a 2 song music video of "I Think I'm a Cowboy Now" and "Honky Tonkin'". They sent the 2 songs to some companies of the equine industry letting them know they would like to have some sponsors for the video. After a short while, 25 different companies donated products. With David's ideas and with the help of Phil and Jan York at Big Y Productions in Irving, Texas and all the crew at Magic Video in Dallas, they created a 2 song music video. Now, David is an independent artist, starting late in life, but it has turned out to be the most self-gratifying project he has ever done. He has created his own Record Label and Publishing Co., while doing all the promoting, advertising and PR work as time has allowed and still run a corporation. David has 3 CD's , the first titled "Heart and Soul". The title song was written as a tribute to his Mother. This CD became a contender for a Grammy nomination for Best Country Album in the 43rd annual awards. The second CD titled "Another Man's Treasure" also became a contender for a Grammy nomination for the Best Country Album in the 45th annual awards. The title cut was written as a tribute for his Daddy. On this CD he had 6 originals with two of these written with Philip Russell (Loretta Lynn's son-in-law) and 4 cover songs. Winning against super stars like Garth Brooks, Alan Jackson, Faith Hill and all the rest would have been a miracle, but he felt so honored just to have his name on the list, especially under his own independent label. Now he has released another CD titled "Border To Border, Coast To Coast". It has 9 originals and 1 cover song with the title cut written as a tribute to all the truck drivers worldwide. There are approximately 150 radio stations in 23 states that have played songs from the CD's and the list is still growing. XM Radio has included some of the songs on the play list of Channel 10 America with Ray Knight. His song " Bar To Bar , Stool To Stool " became one of Ray's theme songs on the program Wired Wood Shed. David has sent 6 of his originals to Europe on a Western Heart Promotions comp disk . For the period of Nov. 1st thru Nov. 15th he became the #1 most played Independent Artist on the European Worldwide Mainstream Indie and Major Charts. There has been several full page articles written about David and his songs in national trade magazines of the trucking , cattle and equipment industries as well as trail riding magazines. David performs at a few of the local Opry's. He doesn't play an instrument , but does a track show from the back of his custom made Sundowner horse trailer for private parties, small town festivals, fund raisers, trail rides and cattle drives. "Nothing ventured nothing gained, you can't hit if you don't swing"
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