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Doc Marshalls
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In an ideal world, country radio would sound more like the Doc Marshalls. With influences ranging from traditionalists such as Buck Owens and Johnny Cash to innovators like Gram Parsons and Dwight Yoakam, this New York City-based five-piece delivers an honest, unflinching honky tonk sound. Not content to remain within the confines of a typical roots band, they also boast a raucous set of Cajun breakdowns and Zydeco shuffles. Led by Texas-raised Acadian Nick Beaudoing, the Doc Marshalls have quickly forged a reputation for their wildly energetic live shows. Anchored by the fiddling wizardry of Mat Kane and the breakneck accompaniment of Beaudoing's Cajun accordion, their unique Louisiana grooves have infiltrated the halls of countless alternative rock venues where roots music is seldom heard. Whether performing Bakersfield-style shuffles or traditional Cajun French two-steps, they are determined to make converts of even the most country-shy souls. In an era when mainstream country remains polluted by bubble gum balladry and sugar-coated sentiment, the Doc Marshalls have distinguished themselves by performing covers and originals which pay homage to the genre's distinguished past. You'll find these hardened city troubadours in converted roadhouses throughout New York City and wherever bar tabs and ears remain open. Country radio be damned.




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Doc Marshalls  02/18/2009            
2 fisted beer drinking bus driver
I caught these guys at Gruene Hall this past summer - just happened to walk in. Lucky me. IMPRESSIVE! Bought both of their CDs then and there. I listen to both over and over and never wear out on their songs and style - even more so now that I'm on assignment in Northern California. The Doc Marshalls may be working out of New York for now, but I can always count on them to bring my soul right back to the heart of Texas. I'm buying more to send to my daughter who was also with me at Gruene and who has been begging me relentlessly to give up my copies - won't happen even when hell freezes over and/or there's another ice storm in Dallas. Y'all need to get on back to Texas now ya hear!
Doc Marshalls  02/19/2007            
The Dig
I caught these guys in Austin last year and have been a fan since. Their live shows leave even the top athlete out of breath. The album is a great revival of what was once good in country music!!! By all means, do yourself a favor and check these guys out.
Doc Marshalls  05/31/2005            
Jackie Hecht
As a lover of both Country and Cajun music I find "No Kind of Life" is an excellent CD with catchy and intelligent lyrics, married with polished, kick-butt playing. Nick Beaudoing has an outstanding voice that embeds each lyric with energy and emotion. Each song has become a favorite. Woman Knows No Heartache - is the best lead in song I've heard on any CD. Loaded with spunk and head boppin' Honkey Tonk rhythm it is definitely one to dance to. I'll always request this one : ) No Kind of Life - is bound to become a Honkey Tonk Naional Anthem. Cool bar room swing...excellent lead guitar by Will Solomon and beautiful fiddle phrases by Matt Kane. Innovative. Half Asleep - Undoubtedly the epitome of post relationship lovesongs. Caressing vocals. Reckless Heart - Fast paced, and upbeat, another head bopper, very clever lyrics. The Doc Marshalls put on an outstanding live show. All are fine musicians and great crowd pleasers. Nick is always a presence on stage, excellent singer, accordion, and guitar player. Nick shares center stage with Matt Kane. Matt lets his fiddle do the talking...very impressive...and Will Solomon is a wicked excellent guitarist. Hats off to Doug Clark and Terrence Murren who kick butt from the the back seat. Thanks for the best sticks and bass strings keeping it happy and snappy.
Doc Marshalls  05/16/2005            
Keith M
It is rare that I can stick a CD in my car and listen to it for days on end. Each song is unique and the lyrics are fantastic. Can't wait to see these guys live. Personal favorite is Je Suis Gone. This traditional two-step is nothing short of amazing. Some of the saddest and best lyrics I've ever heard.
Doc Marshalls  04/06/2005            
I really like this album. Country music has stalled over the past several years and these guys are moving it forward again with some solid songwriting and performances
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