Doug McCollum

Doug McCollum
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There is really no one word to describe Doug. His taste in music are as varied as his skills. "I love all kinds of long as it is done well." If I had to describe Doug, I would have to say he is one of a dying breed. Doug is something you don't find much of anymore; with everyone and everything becoming specialized or generic. You already know Doug as a talented musician, singer, songwriter, producer. And as if that weren't enough...Doug is also an actor, on Stage as well as in Film, Television, Commercials, Industrials, Voice-overs; he has even done Stand-up Comedy. With all of this, I think it is safe to say...the only way to describe Doug is as an Entertainer. Doug has done National Tours which took him to places like New York City, where he worked with such names as Cyndi Lauper, Tommy Frenzy and Big Spender, and David Leonard and the Gist. After which, he returned to Texas and soon formed Easy Action, one of the earlier blues bands now so common in this area. Doug has been in and out of studios for years, whether recording a jingle, someone else's, or his own music. Recently, Doug has shared the stage with such Texas artist as Jack Ingram, Ray Wylie Hubbard, Dale Watson, Larry Joe Taylor, Tommy Alverson,Mark David Manders, and Houston Marchman.
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Doug McCollum  08/30/2002            
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Great singer, songwriter and all around good person. Doug is receiving airplay in many markets in the US, Europe and Australia, however the tragedy he is another artist who has yet to be fully appreciated in his own time; by the masses anyway. Buy this Cd and demand that radio sations give him the airtime and promotion that he deserves - and maybe, just maybe if we are lucky, we will be blessed with more of the great music that Doug has yet to release.
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