Duane Stailey

Duane Stailey
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Duane Stailey, a fourth generation Texan, was born near Wolfe City, TX. His admiration for country music led Duane to begin singing and playing the guitar at the age of eight. By the age of ten Duane, who lived so far out in the country that there were no other children to play with, began composing and singing songs to his brother's dairy heifers. Fortunately the cows weren't the only ones who got to hear his music. Duane also performed at local school and social functions. Since the beginning Duane's music has been influenced by Waylon Jennings, Willie Nelson, Hank Williams, Jr., David Allen Coe, and Bob Seger, as well as other country music legends. Echoes of these talented musicians can be heard in Duane's unique lyrical and vocal style. As an adult Duane lived, wrote, and sang in Nashville Tennessee for a time but found himself homesick for Texas and the Texas lifestyle. So he moved back to northeast Texas and took some time off to redirect his music and his career by writing new songs and reworking others into Texas Style Music. Duane Stailey's great voice, original lyrics, sense of humor, and fun loving personality have made him an audience favorite wherever he performs. He has appeared at Ernest Tubb's Midnight Jamboree in Nashville Tennessee, at the Wildhorse Saloon in Nashville Tennessee, a five state tour (Texas, Arkansas, Oklahoma, Missouri, and Kansas) with the Hastings Book Video and Music Store chain. Duane has shared the stage with Johnny Paycheck, David Frizzell, Mark Chesnutt, Eleven Hundred Springs, Ed Burleson, Stoney LaRue, and many others. When asked about his music Duane says "I just want to write and sing about everyday folks living a normal life". Duane Stailey has found his niche. Now he is sharing his talent and delightful style with a larger audience by offering up his first CD, Two Lane Highway.
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Duane Stailey  02/11/2013            
Patricia Pike Clark
This CD is so you. I love every song and your voice is even better than before. I think of you often and hope you are doing well. I would love to see you if you ever get back to TN.
Duane Stailey  02/14/2009            
Camilla Smith
I don't know why he's not on American Idol or on the radio and more famous. I think he's really good. I first heard of him because he played at my brother-in-laws house in Texas at their party. I have Two Lane Highway and play it all the time. My favorite is Take My Hand.
Duane Stailey  08/02/2007            
Brenda English
My friends told me about this great young man and invited me to join them one night to hear him. I was so impressed that I immediately became a fan. I try to go to every concert that is in my area. He is a great singer, but more, he is a great entertainer. Most of all, he is a great man. He never forgets his fans. He takes time for each of them. I am really looking forward to his new album that is coming out in the next 2 or 3 months.
Duane Stailey  01/23/2007            
Roy Diviney
I have been lucky enough to have seen Duane perform and I am still in aww everytime I see him, he never ceased to amaze me just when I think I have seen every thing he has to offer boom he does something new and absolutely amazes me. He writes his own songs and performs them. And his inpercinations of other performers are incredable. He is one of the very few performers that can take someone elses song and do it better than they did. He is a very talanted performer and I look for this guy to go very far in the future. If you have a chance to buy his new cd Two Lane Highway I highly recomend it.
Duane Stailey  10/23/2006            
Virginia Ivins
Duane Stailey is one of the most talented entertainers I've ever seen. Not only does he write songs and sing them, he does fantastic impersonations of other singers. I've never seen another entertainer sing both parts of a duet and play the guitar all at the same time. Duane can do it, sounding good and making it look easy. He's not just a singer, he's an entertainer. He's very versatile, singing mostly country, but he also sings rock and gospel putting heart & soul into whatever he sings. He probably even sings opera, I've just never heard him. I go to his shows every chance I get because I don't expect him to be around here much when the world finds out what a talent he is.
Duane Stailey  10/18/2006            
Nancy Laws
I am so fortunate to live near Duane's 'stompin grounds". I have his CD and have given several away to friends. Duane is the consumate country singer. He is true to his music and to his fans. When his fans go to his performances, they comment on his singing ability, but even more, we are always impressed with his showmanship and ability to connect with and entertain the crowd. You can get a good feel for who Duane is and the range of his talent by listening to his songs 'Redneckville' and 'Take My Hand'....my two favorites.
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