Glenna Bell

Glenna Bell
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Glenna Bell is a Daughter of the Republic of Texas and a graduate of Texas A&M University. She was born in Beaumont, Texas and spent her childhood in the country outside of town not far from the birthplaces of George Jones and Janis Joplin where she passed many hours exploring the winding wooded paths of her parents Lumberton property on horseback with her sister. Her music is most influenced by the hymns sung acappella at the church she attended with her family during these years and by the old-style country albums she found in her relatives record collections. It's no wonder Glenna chose historic Sugar Hill Studios in Houston to record her most recent full-length release, Face This World, produced by Texas singer-songwriter, John Evans. The album features Chris Masterson, of the Jack Ingram band, on lead guitar and Brian Thomas, of the Jesse Dayton band, on banjo. The John Evans band backed Glenna on upright bass and drums, while John sang duets on two songs and played washboard on the final song, Cosmos Cafe. Texas music can't get more real than Glenna Bell's Face This World.
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Glenna Bell  10/19/2005            
Dan Lee
At first, Glenna's music seemed overly simplistic,... then something happened around the second song: I realized that her stories were like mythology where the characters, motives, and behaviors are quite simple in order to speak the deepest truths within us. To check my head, I had some of my most jaded, snobby, music loving buddies, check out the CD as well. To a man, they were all hooked early in the game. After seeing Glenna live, I now know her secret: She gets up on her stool, grabs her guitar, and gazes into a space right above the crowd while letting loose with a voice any crooner would die for. People shut up and listen when they hear her. Her music is the siren song that even drunk and horny blabber mouths simply have to attend. Glenna's genre is described in some of her press as Goth-Americana. I get the Americana part, I'm not so sure about the Goth reference. Maybe it's that she has some sort of dark arts power that enables her to cross her genre boundaries so effortlessly, and gain the attention, and appreciation of almost anyone who listens.
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