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Greg Gardner & Voodoo Cowboy
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Ten years ago, Greg Gardner strapped on a guitar over the shoulder that had on oversized chip for quite some time. Growing up listening to the likes of Waylon, Willie, Haggard, and Coe. Gardner found it easier to follow the outlaws trail until music and a desire to be heard grabbed his soul. After years of cutting his teeth in numerous clubs and honky tonks, Gardner was able to assemble his dream band, a diverse group of talented musicians who carried the same hopes as he did; thus, Voodoo Cowboy was born. This Texarkana-based band has since become the premier hard-core country band throughout Arkansas and east Texas. Whether headlining shows, like the Freedom Festival in front of over 7,000 people, playing clubs, or the stage with such stars as David Allan Coe, Doug Supernaw, .38 Special, Daryle Singletary, Charlie Robison, Confederate Railroad, and T .Graham Brown, Greg Gardner and Voodoo Cowboy have proven that they can bring the crowd to their feet and have them begging for more in any atmosphere. In 1998, Greg broke into the motion picture world playing along side of country music icon Randy Travis in the movie "White River Kid." The picture also starred Antonio Banderas, Ellen Barkin, and Bob Hoskins. After this break Greg was also cast as a member of Faron Young's band in the Faron Young Story, depicting the life of the country music legend. His trademark continues to be his live performances which he hopes will be captured in their debut album, due out in July of 1999. The album will feature nine songs, eight of which were written or co-written by Gardner. The album has something for everyone from hard-driv'n, jamm'n country in "Stone Cold Memory", two steppin honky tonkers like "Cowboy in the Sunset", to cryin' in your beer ballads like "Just This Side of Paradise." Greg praises the band as being the backbone for the album and live performances. Trey Dehan and Jason Radcliff provide the rhythm section on the lead and bass guitars respectively. Mike Calhoun pounds out the drums while Dave Young mans everything from lead guitar to steel guitar and even the accordian. Together they are a dynamic, energetic, talented band of cowboys that captivate the audience. The band's live shows are full of crowd favorites that include covers of their heroes songs such as Ray Wylie Hubbard's "Up Against The Wall Redneck Mother", Steve Earle's "Copperhead Road", and ZZ Top's "Balinese". When combining their energy and talent, the mix provides a strong potion that produces Greg Gardner & The Voodoo Cowboys!

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Greg Gardner & Voodoo Cowboy  05/15/2010            
these guys are getting around. billybobs texas in fort worth plays gregs music. me and some buddies went there for a bachlor party. and out of nowhere comes "i gotta get outta here" and then "lonelyville". just surprised me to hear his music anywhere else but in the texarkana area.
Greg Gardner & Voodoo Cowboy  03/30/2010            
Great band!!
Greg Gardner & Voodoo Cowboy  03/09/2010            
john doe
These guys are aweseome live. They are opening for Randy Rogers this weekend 3/12/2010 in Little Rock, AR May want to go ahead and get tickets...this show will sell quickly
Greg Gardner & Voodoo Cowboy  05/31/2005            
Fuz of the 3 Leggid Mule
I hired these guys for the ABATE 12 motorcycle club's Memorial Day weekend event dubbed The 8th annual Backwoods Boogie (2005), May 27-30 (4 day party, Malvern Arkansas). These boys blew the crowd away with their unexpected style. They bring a welcomed new twist to country. Needless to say they are my favorite band. If they aint got so big that we can't afford them next year, we want them back to open the party again. I received nothing but compliments about their performance. They made me proud to be the entertainment chairman of our annual event. Bikers love these dudes.
Greg Gardner & Voodoo Cowboy  05/02/2005            
I have watched these guys grow into a tight musical group and would put the Greg's songwriting up against anyone in the business! The music is pure and from the soul. These guys put on an awesome live show and if you have not seen them, get off your butt and get out to one of their shows! I promise you will not be disappointed! Keep your eyes on this band because they are the real thing!
Greg Gardner & Voodoo Cowboy  01/18/2005            
Greg Gardner & Voodoo Cowboy  08/15/2004            
i've been listening to greg and voodoo for seven or eight years. the reason to keep listening to them is because they are real music makers. everyone gets compared to someone, but gg&vdc are originals of their own right. their songwriting isn't just "radio rhyme", it's stuff that is real. many of their lyrics tell about real situations that many today can't sing about. they've worked hard. they don't wait around like so many "entertainers" for someone to hand them a song someone else wrote and say "here boys, ya'll do this." i wish radio stations would get out of the box and listen to music instead of just playing it. i hope ggvdc get where they want to go. they deserve it. thanks ggvdc!
Greg Gardner & Voodoo Cowboy  08/03/2004            
You cannot beat GGVDC!!
Greg Gardner & Voodoo Cowboy  03/18/2004            
These guys are awesome! The band really puts their heart into the music and make for a great show. Must see to really appreciate! Keep it up guys!
Greg Gardner & Voodoo Cowboy  01/21/2003            
This band is magnificient! They have a lot of musical talent and my gosh...the songwriting is phenomenal! They have some great originals worth hearing and they are fun to see live! Catchy tunes and lots of fun in concert. If you haven't seen are missing the boat.
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