Harley Dean

Harley Dean
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Harley is a true to his roots Texas born songwriter raised on music that ranged from Willie and Waylon to Credence and Joplin, but was captured at an early age by the true and honest sounds of Kris Kristofferson. In 1992 Harley moved from San Antonio to Stephenville and discovered a whole new kind of music than what he was hearing on the radio at the time. Hanging out at one of the two bars in that dry college town, he was introduced to the likes of The Great Divide … Jack Ingram… and the list goes on and on. This was the kind of music he could relate to. The sound was different, yet oddly familiar to the Kristofferson sounds that shook country music long before he was old enough to distinguish genuine from commercial. This music and the folks singing it were far from mainstream or even Americana by today’s standards and the believable uniqueness of the music drew Harley into it. It was some years later that he first picked up a guitar and learned enough chords to put a song together. And so it began: that guitar gave him a voice, the musical inspiration of the times gave him reason, and no one can ever imagine how much he has to say. Harley’s debut record, “There and Back Again” is a self-release made up of 12 original songs by this new and talented singer/songwriter. All the songs on the album share one trait… they’re all based on truth. If they are not based on his own life, they are based on someone else’s story that touched him. The emotional tales are centered around discovery and reality. The album weaves it’s way from the inspiration of spirituality, to the enlightenment of love, down through the pain of heartache and into the solace of loneliness. This lyrical journey will grab you for as long as it takes to get you “There and Back Again” and leave you smiling on the other side. “There and Back Again” was produced by Stoney LaRue at Steve Polousek’s Awesome Works Recording Studio in Holland, TX. The record features some great musicians that include Rodney Pyeatt on electric guitar and Jeremy Watkins on fiddle. In addition to producing and engineering the record, Stoney and Steve also lent their talents on acoustic guitar and lap/pedal steel, respectively. The short bio on Harley’s website says it best when describing the musical styling of Harley: Harley Dean is a Texas born singer songwriter whose songs tell honest and heartfelt stories about real life and all the bullshit that comes with it. Harley's raw acoustic sounds coupled with emotional tales are guaranteed to take you to a familiar place that lets you know you are not alone. You will know his music when you hear it for the first time, because we've all been there or are going to be there someday. The most enjoyable music that can be written is that which can make you believe it, touch it, smell it, and taste it when it is being played. Harley's Music is just that, it can be touched, felt, and heard in the everyday life of folks like you and me.
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Harley Dean  05/26/2005            
Little Bob
This guy deserves exposure. A natural Texas songwriter,and honest as hell. Real good stuff here. Don't miss out.
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