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Jake Kellen
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Born in the hometown of Waylon Jennings (Littlefield, TX), Jake grew up in a small farming community, spending his summers at church camp and on the baseball diamond. Jake credits Camp Blue Haven for his early interest in performing music, because it was there he learned how to play the guitar and sing. Though, Jake enjoyed performing in the annual talent show, his focus remained on becoming a pitcher for the Texas Rangers. The dream of playing professional baseball took Jake to the campus of Lubbock Christian University. When he wasn’t on the field, Jake was playing his guitar. He entertained every dorm hall and house party in town. The attention from his fans out lasted the attention from the big leagues, so in 2003 Jake hung up his glove for his guitar.

In 2005 Jake released his first studio album titled Take Me Home. The CD contains 10 original songs featuring the work of Lloyd Maines (Pedal Steel; Dixie Chicks) and some of Nashville’s hottest players such as Jimmy Mattingly (Fiddle; Garth Brooks) and Steve Hornbeak (Piano; Faith Hill). Take Me Home awarded Jake a top 30 hit single called “Bullet Proof” which remained on the charts for several weeks. This success caught the attention of the Texas Forest Service. The TFS asked Jake to become the spokesperson for fire safety. Jake joined the campaign and traveled the state performing his original Public Service Announcement “Don’t Burn Texas Down”.

This year, Jake delivers a NEW CD for his fans titled Grace. The disc includes 13 new songs produced by Kellen himself. The roster of musicians on Grace lists some of Texas’ best talents, Gene Elders (Fiddle; George Strait), John Hagen (Cello; Lyle Lovett), Joel Guzman (Accordion; Joe Ely) and Lloyd Maines (Pedal Steel; Dixie Chicks) just to name a few! Jake describes Grace as “a country music rollercoaster…full of feel good driving songs (Sail Away), party songs (Tonight), funny songs (King of Texas Music) and love ballads (Stay). I’m very proud of this album!” 

Much has changed for the 6’2 right hander from west Texas. Jake now resides with his wife Sarah in Warda, Texas.

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11/04/2005 - Singer Jake Kellen aids Texas Forest Service - Read More
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Average Rating : 4.8              Total Reviews: 35

Jake Kellen  12/04/2010            
Sammy K.
I only recently discovered Jake Kellen through my roommate, he is as good as anyone in T/C, he could even be the best...almost every song is great. Next time he is in Dallas, I will be there!
Jake Kellen  07/10/2010            
Robert (RR)
Excellent recording of great musicians, with really good songs and vocals.
Jake Kellen  05/03/2010            
i never said i didn't like it because it didn't have frat boy drunken music on it i just said it sounded overproduced and just like every other c.d that comes out of nashville that doesn't make it!! I also said it sounded like this guy had potential but this isn't a good showcase for it!!
Jake Kellen  04/29/2010            
Tristen West
I downloaded one song then another and another, until I got them all....this is not a "teenage frat boy" cd, it's not "I was drunk yesterday, I'm drunk now, or I'm getting drunk tonight" music, ---if you like that, DONT BUY THIS ALBUM!...this is adult Texas Country Music...out of the the 13 songs...the only one I didn't like was about guns...all the others are great. Jake Kellen can sing!
Jake Kellen  04/27/2010            
it has some alright songs but for the most part is seems like this guy is trying to be a george strait and ryan adams at the same time and it fails!! now you can tell there are some talented musicians backing him up but there is really no edge to it music wise !!! you can tell this guy has potential but this cd is overproduced and carrys no punch!!
Jake Kellen  02/23/2010            
"I love 'em all"
Jake Kellen  02/04/2010            
Billy Bob
This cd is awesome!
Jake Kellen  09/06/2007            
Table Stakes
Never heard of him, don't know anyone who's heard of him, don't know where he's from or nothing els. But this is a really great CD. Really.
Jake Kellen  01/17/2007            
hey, saw you on tv the other day...pretty cool
Jake Kellen  10/19/2006            
Katie Woods
I listen to Texan Artists on a regular basis and Jake Kellen and the "Capgun Cowboys" (?) is the most amazing band ever! Although they are just starting out, I am completely 100 percent addicted to their CD, Take Me Home. These boys really know how to put on a show. Good Luck to them in the future!!!
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