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Jed and Kelley
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Here’s the scoop up to this point. In January of ‘05 Jed and Kelley finished up their debut CD, “Lose to Win”, which was produced, engineered and mixed by Memphis songwriting legend, Keith Sykes. The record includes nine originals and two covers: one by Keith Sykes and the other by Ray Price. So, they out here pushing a record and they are extremely proud of! Jed and Kelley are also proud to say that all the musicians on the record are from their hometown of Memphis, TN. Touring extensively these past few years has taken them all over the country, primarily in Texas, Tennessee, New Mexico and Colorado. Most of their shows are acoustic singer/songwriter oriented, with Kelley on mandolin and Jed on guitar. Occasionally, they get to bring the band out on the road, which includes Memphis producer/guitarist/bassist Kevin Cubbins, John Argroves on Drums, and long-time right-hand man, Mark Stuart, on bass and guitar. What Is Jed and Kelley's sound, you ask? It a thing they’re calling it Americana these days. It's folky and stripped down as a duo, and a bit more alt-country rock with the guys. Kelley and Jed travel in an RV - the "Jedmund Fitzgerald". They hope it doesn’t suffer the same fate as the original Edmund, but I can assure you we’ve come dangerously close. By the way, "R.V." stands for Recreational Vehicle. They don’t have a bus at this time in their career. Come to think of it, they don’t have a publicist, manager or even a roadie. Ahhhh, but that’s ok, they are on the road making it work. In the past few years, they've been able to meet and play with some of their songwriting heroes and see many beautiful places and people. When it comes to heroes and influences, Jed would have to name Dylan, Prine, Peter Rowan, Rodney Crowell, and from their own hometown, Jimmy Davis and Keith Sykes. Kelley has taken inspiration from Bonnie Raitt, Alison Krauss, Patty Griffin, Tim O’brien and Myshkin. History of Jed and Kelley? They met and dated in high school, then went their separate ways for half a decade. Sometime around the new millennium they reconvened, moved in together, and started a band called "Drasco". They played on the Memphis music scene for a few years, then decided to sell the cars, move out of the house, buy an RV and hit the road. So, now you are up to speed … excluding a few minor details. Songwriting? Jed and Kelley take ‘em as they come. Jed tries to keep ‘em honest and stays away from bandwagons and clichés … everything else is in the ear of the beholder. Singing? Kelley, in my opinion and that of many others, can do it all … original, sincere, and angelic.Comparisons? Gram and Emylou and Buddy and Julie Miller are the most common. Maybe people throw those names out there because they also are two first names held together by the word “and”. You be the judge. George and Tammy would be a stretch.
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Jed and Kelley  08/16/2011            
...From France
A very great pleasure for a French listener !
Jed and Kelley  05/24/2007            
Texan in Tennessee
Once you hear these guys your hooked...GREAT Music!
Jed and Kelley  04/25/2007            
austen b
jed and kelley are awesome.... if you listen to there stuff you will understand... i saw them at the 19th annual larry joe taylor festival at the mandatory F.m. midnight concert and could not resist ordering the c.d. the next day.
Jed and Kelley  04/05/2007            
Great album, I would recommend both of their albums to anyone.
Jed and Kelley  02/01/2007            
Great CD and a great live show. Check them out, you won't be disappointed.
Jed and Kelley  01/16/2007            
Jed and Kell are incredible...great song writers but passionate about music and you can see it on stage...if they are around your town, go see them b/c you wont be disappointed
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