Jeff Strahan

Jeff Strahan
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On Jeff’s 2008 album Amen to the Blues, he sings his trademark song “Take Me to Texas” which describes his feelings for his beloved state and his longing to go back home to it. 

The truth is, although a Texan to the bone, Jeff would be happy anywhere as long as he could sing and perform his songs for people that will listen. Jeff’s greatest joy in life is entertaining and he has an amazing ability to connect with his audience. To Jeff, that connection is what being an entertainer is all about. 

Jeff’s position as a true Texas singer-songwriter is solidified on his new record. His April 1, 2011 release Wayward Son (Squaw Peaks 2011), was produced by the renowned Walt Wilkins and will definitely go down as Jeff's best record to date.

Jeff writes songs about life, death, and the absurdity of both. They are not country or rock, blues or gospel.  Instead they are a melting pot of American roots music often referred to as Americana. They run the gamut from foot stomping, beer drinking roadhouse blues, to soulful, heart wrenching ballads. All of which he powerfully belts out in his slightly gruff, yet surprisingly smooth voice. He is also a phenomenal musician who plays a guitar, piano, B-3, and most recently, accordion (yes, accordion!) In a review of a show in San Antonio, writer Don Zelazny, from Americana Roots, wrote: “as I watched his show, I began to wonder if I thought Jeff was better as a guitar player, a singer, or a keyboard player. On a number of the live tunes Jeff handles all three duties, often alternating jamming on his strat with playing the keys. Don’t apply for the position of keyboard player in his band; he’ll handle that as well as guitar thank you!” 

Jeff has come back home to Texas, back home to his music, and now he invites you to join him in his journey forward. 

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Jeff Strahan  03/14/2011            
Jennifer Smith
What a great array of wonderful music! Great artist, great songs, and great lyrics! This is the must-have album for 2011.
Jeff Strahan  10/18/2009            
Texas Lineman
Got this 2CD set and played it in the backyard. I don't know how else to say this, but I had neighbors crawling out of the woodwork coming over to listen to it. Ended up having a party in the backyard that evening!
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