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Jeremy Steding & The Rebellion
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Jeremy Steding’s fifth studio album, Odessa, travels hard. Along the ride, love is won and lost, whiskey is spilled and life’s meaning is questioned. Immediately, your heart rate rises to meet the rhythm of the gritty title track, a driving song that paints an ominous picture of the west Texas namesake. A native of Florida, Jeremy Steding was raised on the railroad sounds of Johnny Cash, the rhythms of Buddy Holly and the timeless words of Dylan and Prine. While attending University of Florida, Steding was turned onto Texas/Red Dirt Music. Long a fan of Willie and Waylon, he was now digging into Cory Morrow and Robert Earl Keen. Texas called to him. Steding spent a decade in Austin, becoming a staple in the Texas/Red Dirt scene and sharing the stage with artists such as The Turnpike Troubadours and Clint Black. In June '16, Steding relocated to Nashville. There, he has joined forces with a new group of talented musicians to create a new album and hit the pavement. Steve Berkley (drums,) Kolby Rister (Bass,) Casey Driscoll (fiddle) and Dillon Horton (Steel) form The Rebellion. "Feels So Good To Be Back Home" is the follow up to Top-20 Single, "Late Night Love Song." Odessa is Jeremy Steding’s best work yet. Becoming a husband and dad, along with nine years of late night truck stops, countless live shows and soul-searching have done him good. Expect 2017 to be a great year for Jeremy Steding and The Rebellion. For Full Tour Dates Visit: WWW.JEREMYSTEDING.COM

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Jeremy Steding & The Rebellion  03/12/2016            
D & B Buck
How can you not love his music. We first heard him at the Austin Stock Show and Rodeo. He played at our cook off and brought the house down in multiple tents and became a good friend too. The washer tournaments were fun too. We love all the albums that he has put out since that first single he gave my wife. Looking forward to more of his great talent.
Jeremy Steding & The Rebellion  02/26/2014            
Schmidt Dog
This is the best we have seen thus far from Jeremy - he is definitely showing growth as an artist and he is making really solid music. The Story is my favorite so far. This is a great album and Jeremy is a great should buy My Own American Dream and support true Texas country music.
Jeremy Steding & The Rebellion  07/18/2011            
Great Stuff!! Check out the newest album "I Keep on Living, But I Don't Learn". This album has something for everyone!!
Jeremy Steding & The Rebellion  07/06/2011            
Sweet music. Just got the new CD.
Jeremy Steding & The Rebellion  06/03/2011            
Great singer song writer. A must not miss live!
Jeremy Steding & The Rebellion  03/28/2010            
I have both albums, great music! I love it! Jeremy isn't well known in germany but there is even a radio station here in town, knowing him now... Good luck Jeremy!
Jeremy Steding & The Rebellion  11/25/2009            
A Damn Good Ride is a wonderful journey through the musical minefields of Texas Country - written and sung by one of Austin's newest and finest singer / songwriters. Get on it.
Jeremy Steding & The Rebellion  10/11/2009            
I heard Jeremy Steding live at Gruene Music Hall and might have fallen in love with his music that night. He has an amazing voice and a unique sound. I have never heard anything quite like it. It is a mix of old school and new school-and makes you want to hear more. I bought the first CD--and counted down the days until the new one came out. A Damn Good Ride has become one of my favorites!!!
Jeremy Steding & The Rebellion  10/10/2009            
Building a name for himself in the weekday-residency honky-tonk circuit in Austin, Jeremy Steding acquits himself nicely as another young songwriter trafficking in a strain of country music considerably older than himself. His new album, a sophomore effort but a more fully-realized project than his obscure 2008 debut, nicely closes the gap between the old school (chugging Johnny Cash rhythms, fiddle & steel-driven arrangements) and the new school (warmly mixed sonics, smartly self-aware comedy) with a mix of sincerity and cleverness. With a voice so deep it almost booms, Steding can make even the occasional out-there lyric sound catchy (if you can guess what “The Sand Panther Medicine Show” is about after a couple of listens then you’ve got me beat) and make his more straightforward material (like the self-elegy “Let The Boys Drink Whiskey” and the jittery cool of “Can’t Slow Me Down”) sound like both a nod to the classics and a worthy addition to them.
Jeremy Steding & The Rebellion  10/04/2009            
Awesome work! This is what Texas music is all about...
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