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Jobe Wilson Band
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Early in 2005, Casey Royer and Kevin Choate, formed what is today called The Jobe Wilson Band. The band made a few initial inroads only to go on brief break to pursue other potential endeavors. During this period both Kevin and Casey continued to stay in contact with each other and held sporadic jam sessions that reignited their passion to write music with one another. 

In 2008, The Jobe Wilson Band was again established with the intentions of creating a bluesy country rock sound that would come to be a sound all their own! The band quickly began the search for potential new members. To their surprise a group of incredibly talented artists began to form around them. Anthony Comeaux came in on the drums, while Lee Nukols and Ryan Dickson provided the lead and rhythm guitar section respectfully.

While the wheels were greased the band quickly went to the studio and prepared their first full length album “No Plans to Prosper”. This album captures and combines the mix of Texas music sounds (country, rock, and blues) that Jobe Wilson fans have come to know and love.

 The Jobe Wilson Band has since become known around south Texas for their live shows. One show and  you will be coming back again and again to hear their music.

“Playing for family, friends, fans, and bystanders has always been something each of us growing up loved…we never really expected to see everything to come together like this and with this strong of a foundation. Our shows have become, really our bread and butter, in fact so much that we over extended our touring to adequately satisfy demands for our shows!”

While the band is still playing live shows down in south Texas area, they have recently broke away and got back into the studio to record their ssophomore album. Without a doubt the success and arrangement of the first album will be hard to top…however, The Jobe Wilson Band has taken extra time and consideration into the tastes of their core fan base. The new album titled “Morning Shades”, will be out in early March (2011).

“It is not everyday a band is blessed with grass roots fans…we are thankful for those who continue to support our music and frankly, it inspires us to continue to write.”

For those who are not familiar with The Jobe Wilson Band, it should only take you a short while to determine their unique sound and merging of the country, rock, and blues genre. Often bands have a difficult time formulating an original sound from genres that have had so many great songwriters and musicians. However, it seems that for The Jobe Wilson Band it was merely a fact of showing up and doing what they were born to do…Rock It!!!


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Jobe Wilson Band  08/12/2010            
Calling all Jobe Wilson fans... your presence is required at The Continental Club in Houston, Tx Sunday August the 15th at 3:00pm. We are playing the semi-finals of the Lonestar Beer Bash at the Brewery battle of the bands. Be there or be square. TJWB!
Jobe Wilson Band  06/24/2010            
JobeWilson Lover
I love this band's music. It has become a sound track to my life. Great CD and great band.
Jobe Wilson Band  02/10/2010            
Come check us out @ Westfield by the Railroad in houston texas feb the 13th. We are opening for Cody Kouba, hope to see you there!
Jobe Wilson Band  07/28/2009            
These boys are going to go a long way! Their sound satisfies the country and the rock side of me with a little bluegrass thrown in. Can't wait for their next show!
Jobe Wilson Band  07/21/2009            
I've seen these guys in concert about 4 times. Their sound is amazing and unique. Very kick-ass live show, and the C.D. is definately not a dissapointment either. Check them out. You won't regret it. Keep it up guys!
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