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Johnny Cooper
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. . . an evocative blend of soul, blues, rock and pop
It seems to have been written in the proverbial stars that Johnny Cooper would dedicate his life to performing and entertaining crowds. Since birth, Cooper has been immersed in music of all kinds, and encouraged to pursue his dream. He started performing music in February 2004 at the age of 15 and turning 24 in September 2012, he will have chalked up almost 9 years of professional touring.
Johnny Cooper has accomplished more than many musicians twice his age. Having recorded two critically-acclaimed, full-length studio albums (and another in the works) and not one, but two live albums under his belt – the total album sales of which have eclipsed 50,000 – Johnny Cooper’s career trajectory cannot be stopped. He recently had two songs included on the soundtrack for the independent movie, “Deep in the Heart,” which also includes tracks from Charlie Daniels, Larry Gatlin, Wade Bowen, and others.
Gifted with a rich emotive voice that illuminates his lyrics, Cooper says that each album “is another chapter of my life, every song is a short snippet of all the things I have encountered over the years, good times... bad times... and everything in between. I believe the music has evolved because I have evolved... the older you get, the less and less you are scared to try new things, branch out and test your limits.”
“My goal is to make you forget about everything else and just cut loose for a couple of hours.” … Johnny Cooper
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Johnny Cooper  07/18/2011            
I was lucky enough to get an pre-release copy, It's Awesome! I haven't taken it out of the CD player since I got it!!!!!
Johnny Cooper  07/13/2011            
music fan
Coop get lots of beef for the changes in his sound... at 16 he recorded Live at the pub followed by his studio record Ignition produced by McClure giving him the label of the "Ragweed sound." At age 20 he worked w Dex to produce his second studio record Follow. over the past 3 years he has grown as a man, rebuilt his band, written new tunes and gained a strong loyal following. Its been 7 years... the quality of Live @ the pub II will blow you away. Trust me I already have found a copy. Request "Hot Mess" @ you local radio station.
Johnny Cooper  07/07/2011            
Your just amazing !! Your voice!! your look !! Damn your hot !! keep rocking it baby !!
Johnny Cooper  07/07/2011            
Johnny coopers just the best !! I dont thin he cant record and bad song !
Johnny Cooper  10/25/2009            
I have his other stuff and like a lot of it. I didn't like this one at all. If I'd have listened to my friends who saw him right as this came out, I'd have realized that he isn't doing the same type of music anymore.
Johnny Cooper  10/12/2009            
It's not your Red Dirt sound and that's what I liked about you.....but, this music still sounds awesome and it proves you can be successful in anything you can do...keep on rocking...but put out another red dirt album next
Johnny Cooper  10/12/2009            
Bring me down
well, Bring me down did make it to number 9 on the texas music chart. Not bad! I can't even believe it made it that far, before it fell to number 17. oh well better luck next time!
Johnny Cooper  09/28/2009            
Houston Fans
Jcoop, you and Jack Ingram what a show. Thanks for being you and for taking care of my friends that wanted autograghs! you and jack ingram rocked. keep on keeping it real brotha.
Johnny Cooper  09/10/2009            
I saw Johnny at Billy Bobs and thought he was good but Follow isn't good. Its kinda boring. Hes alot better live.
Johnny Cooper  09/09/2009            
Johnny Cooper's newest CD shows so much growth...and depth. I absolutely love it...YOU CAN'T go wrong with it!
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