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Keith Davis
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Known as one of the best guitar players in the Texas music scene, Keith Davis has been on the road as a sideman for many well known Texas artists, such as Kevin Fowler, Django Walker, Larry Joe Taylor, Brandon Rhyder, as well as many others. In December of 2006, this six-year veteran knew the time had come to step out of the sidelines and into the spotlight. The Keith Davis Band has now been touring with a full schedule since January 2007, and things are sure to pick up even more with the release of his new album, Answered Prayer. Produced by Grammy Nominated Mack Damon and mastered by Grammy Award winning Greg Calbi, this much anticipated album is released just a little over a year after the his first record, Sideman Blues. Keith’s debut single “Make It Up To You” off the new album was released to radio in June 2007, and immediately made its mark on the Texas Music Charts. “Keith Davis has been the voice in the background for far too long. Keith finally steps into the spotlight with a new album and if his first single Make It Up To You is any indication, the Texas music scene will gladly welcome Keith into that spotlight. This song just screams ‘PLAY ME!’ Just hope your competition doesn't play it before you do!” Chuck Taylor - Host/Owner The Official Texas Countdown - APD/MD The Ranch Radio Group The live show is packed with intensity and raw energy driven by passion and the desire to take Texas Music somewhere new for the listener. “People quickly find the stage area when Keith Davis is on it. He works his rear off during his live show. I love his sound and presence. He has such charisma and you can tell he loves what he is doing. It is contagious... Keith Davis is a must see show!” - Helen Linley, KMKS, Bay City, TX
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08/18/2007 - Keith Davis Comes to San Angelo with Answered Prayers - Read More
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Keith Davis  03/27/2008            
Billy Harper
Awesome guy can't say enough about Keith he's just undoubtedly an amazing musician and an equally good person!
Keith Davis  03/27/2008            
Billy Harper
What can I say about Keith? You meet him and determine right away he's a great guy easy to get along with, and then you hear his music and realize the attitude of him being a good friend to hang out with isn't just because his music sucks and he needs fans! The guy can flat out play and write just as well. Amazing person and better musician! This CD has gotten me through a lot of pissed off times!
Keith Davis  10/06/2007            
Keith Davis  09/22/2007            
jennifer may
keith davis and the new album. what can i say. well sideman blues was great.the new album is best live but to have it on hard copy is refreshing and easy to grab and play.loving the sweet licks of his awesome guitar sweeps and lyrics to match.when i feel a need to be touched by something real and true answered prayer is the cd i's the latest texas art that i can truely appreciate for the raw talent that lies behind the man that created it.keith davis makes me happy with what he has to bring to the preverbial table of new up and coming goodness.
Keith Davis  09/15/2007            
Keith's new CD is even better than the first. He really sings from the heart and every song has a real meaning. I love the sound...can't wait to see him again live!
Keith Davis  09/07/2007            
Great CD by a great man. Every song on this CD is great, Keith did an awsome job on this record. Keep up the great work man.
Keith Davis  09/07/2007            
Larry The Rev
I don’t like all Texas Country. I find some of it to be just as bad as Honky Tonk Badonkadonk ( one of the worst songs ever written). That is not how I fill about Keith Davis and his new CD Answered Prayer. A welcome change from the typical I got drunk or stoned lyrics of Texas music. Like few others Keith takes the time to put some real emotion and thought into his songs. Just Let Me Drive is about getting into a fight with your significant other and still having to ride home together. Which I think everyone has done I know I have. So if you want a new CD that will make you think of someone, or fill something then you should take a chance on this one. It’s a great CD start to finish, but keep in mind there is nothing rolled all wrong, no one comes to town, and there is defiantly no invisible intoxicant.
Keith Davis  09/04/2007            
I absolutley adore this album. I don't skip through any of the songs and nearly every song is "my favorite song". I loved his first album but this one shows how much Keith has grown as a solo artist. You had better catch him live before he becomes overtaken by the masses!
Keith Davis  09/02/2007            
Mike Ice
Top to bottom, this is easily on my favorite albums that I have had the pleasure of listening, EVER! Excellent songwriting with equally talented musicians. After you've listened to the cd, I recommend catching a live show. You won't be disappointed.
Keith Davis  08/28/2007            
For once I am at a loss for words to describe how incredibly awesome this CD is. Buy this CD. You will NOT be disappointed.
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