Kelly McGuire

Kelly McGuire
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Local singer/songwriter Kelly McGuire and his band Hurricane are scheduled as opening entertainment for the Silver Dollar Ball on June 3 at the West Mansion, Space Center at Nasa Road 1. This will be the third year McGuire has performed for the annual event benefitting the American Cancer Society. A long time resident of the Clear Lake area, McGuire is known for his original songs ranging from country to tropical, folk and rock. His CD “Redfish Island” was just released in November of ’99 and contains a collection of songs he wrote inspired by his sailing experiences in the Bahamas, Keys, Mexico and on the Texas Gulf coast. Listening to his music one notices a Jimmy Buffett influence and Kelly readily admits, “ after hearing Buffett sing about sailing and islands, I dreamed of getting a boat and writing songs about that whole lifestyle.” A few years later his dream began to materialize. McGuire soon ended up performing in Dallas after traveling Oklahoma, New Mexico, Missouri and Canada and bought his first boat, a Hobie16. He soon traded up to a 24’ sailboat with a cabin and almost every day, when he wasn’t writing jingles for a Dallas based advertising company, he spent on his boat docked at Lake Grapevine just north of DFW airport. Nights he sang at local clubs, restaurants and a chain of family pizza parlors called Shotgun Sams. “The pizza business was big-time for singers in the 70’s and 80’s providing a great alternative to the club scene. Kids would sit all around the edge of the stage and sing along with me. Even now I love to get kids up on stage with us shaking the tambourine and shakers. ” Kelly made the move to the Clear Lake soon after what was to be just a two week engagement at a new Tony Roma’s that had just opened in Houston. While here he discovered Galveston Bay and the Seabrook/Kemah area and took a job selling yachts and teaching sailing while living aboard his now larger 32’ boat. Moving up his dream ladder he was now immersed in the boating world daytime and sang at the Turtle Club and Lakewood Yacht Club at night. The yacht brokerage business was doing well, so after many years of performing five and six nights a week, McGuire took a much needed break from singing to recharge his creative batteries. Within a year he began to do what he had wanted to do all his life… write songs. They say ‘write what you know’ and he had an ocean of inspiration from his cruising trips, islands and boats. Focusing mainly on his country songs, he went to Nashville to record them hoping a major artist would cut one of them. He also took along the nautical collection planning to record them as a novelty to hand out to sailing friends. Everyone involved in the studio noticed right away that they seemed to come alive as they were recorded and the ‘novelty’ songs soon became “Redfish Island”, named after an island in the Bay. Kelly says, “ It felt like magic hearing these songs that had been such a part of me come to life. They were like my children.” The country songs that were the initial focus will be released on McGuire’s next CD which is due out this summer. Several of those songs have won awards from organizations such as Austin Songwriters Group, Fort Bend Songwriters Assoc. and The Nashville Network (TNN). Fan favorites include “Club Blonde” and “Wasted On The Young” among others they will perform at their shows. Both CDs have great musicians on them such as Greg Morrow, the drummer on the last two Dixie Chicks CDs. “The Silver Dollar Ball is quite an honor for me to be part of,” Kelly says, “ the volunteers work hard to out-do themselves each year making for an incredible evening of fun, food and entertainment’.” The funds raised go to finding a cure for cancer. Kelly is also passionate about art and paints in oil and watercolor. Studying with some of the best plein aire painters in the country he loves the practice of painting on location as the impressionists did. He also is an avid volleyball player and enjoys rollerblading and mountain biking.
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Kelly McGuire  02/07/2005            
i have never heard you, but i have a picture of you cuz we have the same name, kelli mcguire, but mines spelled diffrent(kelli)
Kelly McGuire  01/19/2002            
Texas Stud
My dad recently purchased Redfish Island as an impulse buy... cause he loves to fish and the CD was called "Redfish Island"! I borrowed the CD and fell in love with it. If you like Jimmy Buffett, Texas Country, and Fishing, then I say buy this CD.
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