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Ken Raba
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The songs that Ken Raba writes and sings come straight from his real life. Whether he's singing about the rolling hills and prairies; love lost, found or never had; the mystique of the cowboy or the love of the land and its inhabitants, Raba presents bits and pieces of his life to those who hear his music. Nowhere has that been so apparent as in the songs on his newest album, Cowboys and Coyotes, which has just been released on Broken Rope Productions. "Call Me Cowboy" was written after he overheard some guys saying of him, "he can't be a cowboy, he's a singer, he's just wearing that hat." The title song comes from a true story about a friend's grandfather. A native of the South Dakota farmland, Raba grew up the son of a farmer and began working ranches as soon as he was old enough. He worked breaking horses, and one of his first jobs when he became an adult was taking tourists out on summer three-day wagon train trips. Each fall he'd go back and find farm or ranch work. Only after he left the farm and ranch life was he able to concentrate in earnest on music. He moved to the city and began writing songs and playing out in the clubs. During this time Raba began developing his singing style and writing the songs that set his music apart from other singer/songwriters - songs about life that everyone can identify with. He says he always knew music would be a full-time career for him. "There were people who would tell me I couldn't make a living doing it," Raba says, "there were also people who believed in my music and they inspired me to continue." The positive feedback that he was getting helped Raba stay focused on writing songs and performing. In early 2003 Raba made the decision to move to Texas, a hot spot for music of all kinds, so he could explore different possibilities for his style of music. "It is so great to be in the middle of such a creative center," he says of his new home in the Austin area. "I've been going out and playing almost every night since I've been here, and it's so inspiring to hear all the original songs and great music all around me." Raba's move to Texas coincides with the release of Cowboys and Coyotes. It's the first time he's been totally dependent on his music for his bread and butter, and it's a good feeling for him. "I want my music to take me whereever it will take me," Raba says. "I believe it is my responsibility to use whatever talents I have to their fullest. I am ready to take my music on a wider scale and welcome the opportunities that come my way."
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Ken Raba  03/15/2007            
S Hine
Ken's CDs are great, but there is nothing like hearing him perform his songs in person. He is a fantastic talent and I encourage people to take advantage of any opportunity to attend his performances! Such a gentle soul and a fabulous voice!! I am looking forward to a 3rd CD with his new songs!!
Ken Raba  07/14/2005            
r carlson
I have both of Ken's CDs I thought I loved the first one but the more I play the second one, Cowboys and Coyotes, it is tops. Ken's Cowboys and Coyotes is outstanding. But listen to Get Along on the first CD, makes you stop and really, really listen. I love both CDs, this young man can sing.
Ken Raba  12/03/2004            
Robb Hoffman
Ken's song "Get Along" is a true Buckaroo's tribute to a dyin breed.I have been knowing Ken for a long time now and we have shared many a mile on the back of a cayuse or two and hi yia it around these western lands.The pictures he paints with words are from his days in the saddle on the Dakota Plains.Give him a listen, you won't regret it. Let'er Buc
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