Kevin Montgomery

Kevin Montgomery
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Kevin Montgomery grew up on Nashville's Music Row, as a child of parents whose careers crossed over from country music to the early, seminal days of American rock 'n' roll. While the contemporary yet timeless feel of Kevin's own music is strongly influenced by the 'California Country-Rock' of artists like Gram Parsons, The Eagles, and Roger McGuinn, his deeply resonant songwriting recalls the Americana-flavored storytelling of Bruce Springsteen and Jackson Browne. Having spent the last four years of a decade-long career touring relentlessly and building an almost cult-like following in England and Europe, Kevin Montgomery offers up thirteen engaging stories of life, love, laughter and loss on his third album, 2:30am. Kevin's father, Bob Montgomery was an early songwriting and collaborative partner of Buddy Holly. By the time Kevin was born, his dad was producing records by Bobby Goldsboro and writing songs like the often-covered ‘Misty Blue’ and ‘Back in Baby's Arms’, made famous by Patsy Cline. Meanwhile, Kevin's mother, Carol had a thriving career as a Nashville session vocalist, singing back up on pop classics like Elvis Presley's ‘Suspicious Minds’ and Robert Knight's ‘Everlasting Love’. "Many evenings, my dad would come home with records he was in the midst of producing," Kevin remembers. "He'd put our big stereo on full blast and we'd listen to what he'd done that day. From a very young age, I was picking records apart, trying to identify the different instruments. My parents never pushed me to become a musician, it just happened naturally". A&M released Kevin's debut, Fear Nothing, in 1994 to critical acclaim, and after a year and a half of touring with Peter Himmelman, Sheryl Crow and David Crosby, he ended up back in Nashville. Kevin stayed on the radar by working on the 1996 Buddy Holly tribute album, Not Fade Away: Remembering Buddy Holly. He recorded the song "Wishing" (written by his dad) as a duet with Mary Chapin Carpenter (Bob Montgomery also co-produced the track). Kevin was increasing his profile as a songwriter, Martina McBride recorded, ‘I Won't Close My Eyes’, (from Fear Nothing) for her 1997 double-platinum selling album, Evolution. Later, Juice Newton covered Kevin's song ‘Red Blooded American Boy’ (changing the gender reference to 'girl') for her 1999 release, American Girl. Kevin also sang backing vocals on Lee Ann Womack's ‘I Know Why The River Runs’ for her platinum selling album, I Hope You Dance. When Kevin recorded 2:30am, co-produced with Robert Reynolds of The Mavericks, he knew the sound he was going for. “Over the past few years," he explains, "we've developed The Road Trippers with hardcore touring. We know the reaction certain songs get from the audience. I wanted that live energy to come across in the recording, but I also wanted to capture the subtleties of the music." To get the balance right, top shelf studio musicians such as pianist Matt Rollings, bassist Glenn Worf and drummer Chad Cromwell joined Perkins and Britt to approach some of the more subtle songs, while Reynolds and Deakin joined their fellow Road Trippers to put their vibe on half a dozen songs. Adding to the staggering collection of guest talent on 2:30am, Trisha Yearwood contributes impeccable backing vocals to the album's rousing lead track, ‘Tennessee Girl’, and Lee Ann Womack lends her voice to ‘I Can't Drive You From My Mind’, a track co-produced by Kevin's father. To support 2:30am's release, Kevin plans to continue his extensive touring schedule, both acoustically and with The Road Trippers. "We'll be going all over the US and all over the world, really," he says. Currently, the video for Another Long Story is in regular rotation at VH1 Country and the Great American Country video channel as well. "This all happened because I have some wonderful friends that believe in the music, and i never stopped persevering," says Kevin. "Even when I was delivering papers and pushing carts in the parking lot of Sam's, my one goal was to release my own records, tour and make a living doing music. Now, that's what I'm doing. I try to apply the life lessons i've learned to what I do now in music. I went from being the new kid in town to Sam's, and that was a good lesson." When an artist's music is honest, authentic and heart-felt, you don't really need anyone else to tell you it's the real thing, because you can feel it. Kevin Montgomery's 2:30am is that kind of an album.
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Kevin Montgomery  07/20/2007            
Tejano Boy
Why does have this Nashville trash here for? This guy is not Texas Country by any means!!!!!!!!!!
Kevin Montgomery  02/18/2006            
Had to post here again. Kevin is one of the best artist ever!! I really enjoyed his gig in Bristol UK in last month. Casn't wait to see him again this spring. Wanna join a fan group for Kevin? Here it is: http:// /group/ kevinmontgomeryfans/ It's a Yahoo group, but you don't have to have a Yahoo account to join the group. Feel free to check it out. We are a nice bunch of people from all around the world.
Kevin Montgomery  07/05/2005            
Its easier said than done to write a review of Kevin's music. None of the words I have seem to do his talent the justice it deserves! Just go get his albums or see him perform and you'll realise why Im almost stuck for words!!
Kevin Montgomery  05/25/2005            
Pam. LA
Kevin is GREAT! The best!! Can't wait to see him again!
Kevin Montgomery  05/14/2005            
2.30am is a perfect album with such a mix of styles from heart ache ballads such as Cherokee City and I Can't Drive You From My Mind to songs like Melrose and Tennessee Girl which you can't stop dancing to. Tracks like She Don't Wake Me Up and No Surrender are absolute musical beauty - buy it - you will love it !!!!
Kevin Montgomery  05/08/2005            
Jessica Herbert
Don't really know how to describe Kevin's music ... It touches your soul and goes straight to the heart ... That man has a great voice and he should be at the top, he deserves to be .. It has been a long while since i've seen him, but the music remains in my head. Where ever I go .. the music finds me. I don't have a favorite song .. I tried to listen and decide once but I just couldn't ... Love it big time !!! With love ..
Kevin Montgomery  05/04/2005            
Liz Hailey
Kevin Montgomery!!!
Kevin Montgomery  04/27/2005            
Erlend Sweeney
This CD is full of wonderful songs, with varied and meaningful lyrics. I am about to be travelling through Europe and will be taking this CD with me. It holds fond memories of home, and will see me through the highs and the lows of my trip. Kevin has a real talent for writing and performing emotive songs and I would recommend this CD to anyone and everyone!
Kevin Montgomery  04/27/2005            
John Melrose
- You can't go wrong with '2.30AM' and 'Another Long Story' if you want to get a fix of something extra-ordinary. - Great song-writing on both CD's, it was the song "Broken" which did it to me that first night of seeing Kevin live, brought tears with that one word, caught me out, but I was hooked, not having heard it (or Kevin) before - a moving, rich song musically & lyrically. - Containing great songs, key to me are : Melrose, Drive You From My Mind, Stumbled, Angel Tonight, Fear Nothing. - Springsteen might have a huge following but Kevin's got the edge in terms of voice, lyrics, melody, presentation + accessability - it's all there with Kevin, and for a close-up shot of his music going to see him live is a must - whether in acoustic sessions, or with his Road Trippers Band, or even as a treat ask him round for a house concert in your own place ! - Long may he gig here in the UK and keep coming back to Scotland also !
Kevin Montgomery  04/26/2005            
Em. (UK)
Kevin is one of the most talented singer/songwriters I have EVER known. His songs, cleverly written, leave you in no doubt about the story, his voice steals your heart. He surrounds himself by THE BEST musicians and singers. His live shows, accoustic and with band, are a must see to be believed experience. Watch out though, you could get seriously hooked. Over the last 2/3 years I've been to many shows and have NEVER been dissapointed, well, except maybe they just come to an end way too soon. His albums are brilliant from start to finish. Wonderful tracks like 'Stumbled'& 'Broken' (ALS),'Thankyou Very Much' & 'Wreckless' (2.30a.m.). His first album, 'Fear Nothing', also an excellent album with tracks like 'Don't Make Me Hate The Things I Love', 'Which Way Is It Gonna Be' & I Won't Close My Eyes' which shouldn't be lost. ALL his albums are consistently brilliant from start to finish. He's a really lovely guy too, and always takes time meeting and chatting with people after his show. He should be AT THE TOP it's where he deserves to be. So come on you music people, stop cheating your listeners out of the best around.
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