Kevin Pickett

Kevin Pickett
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In the back room of a college rent house in Ada Oklahoma Kevin Pickett and Steven Gibson decided that somehow they would put together a band and make the music they loved. The first to join Pickett and Gibson was Jason “frog” Hanan, a native of Stillwater, Oklahoma and a one of a kind harmonica player. The three quickly recorded a demo and continued on their quest to find the missing pieces of what would eventually become Kevin Pickett & Southern Rain. As time passed it seemed that they would never find the other members they were searching for and the three decided to ask a friend of Pickett’s to join them in the studio on lead guitar while producer hired session drummer, James Purdy, and the five entered the studio to record their first full length album that would be titled “New Tattoos”. Soon after the album was complete the five musicians agreed to play some shows together and see what happened. Much to their surprise their high energy live shows full of blues and country guitars, backed by rockin drums and drenched in harmonica became somewhat of a success on the Oklahoma music scene. But not long after they took the stage the lead guitarist would be asked to leave the band due to personal issues and once again the band would be a member short. Drummer James Purdy agreed to stay on as they all searched for a new lead guitar player. Luckily Hanan had a long time friend, Jimmy Stromberg, another Stillwater native that would soon fill the void on lead guitar. Now regrouped and even more determined the five piece Red Dirt Rockers took to the road covering much of Oklahoma and Northern Texas with their unique sound. In 2009 the five members reentered the studio to record a follow up to “New Tattoos” , “Dangerous” is packed full of well written songs sang with gritty conviction, edgy guitars, thundering bass and pounding drums, not to mention the three part harmonies of “I Understand” and “Long Strange Ride” and the ever present, always soulful, harmonica. Now with momentum on their side and a fan base growing daily, the band is more focused than ever. Their struggle to get where they are and their love for the stage produce unforgettable live shows weekly. This is a group of talented musicians that are out to make sure that Kevin Pickett & Southern Rain is a name that is well known throughout the Texas/ Red Dirt music world.
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Kevin Pickett  01/15/2010            
a fan
I have watched this band grow! The first time I heard them I knew there was something special. Their first cd was good but their most recent cd is AWESOME. Pickett's songs are getting better and better. Keep it up guys! I can't wait to see what you do in 2010...
Kevin Pickett  12/25/2009            
Its a solid album...a little raw but its real. There are a few tracks that are killer and a few that are just ok, but over all i like it....I heard their new album, its AWESOME...period.
Kevin Pickett  12/04/2009            
King of Regret
Bought it, listened to it, and hate it. Don't make the same mistake.
Kevin Pickett  11/23/2009            
Vinny The Shark
Vinny saw Kevin Pickett & Southern Rain this past Saturday at the Wormy Dog. First time seeing them. They were pretty solid. Reminded Vinny of some Whiskey Myers with a mean harmonica player. Good hard drivin' southern rock from this Oklahoma quintet. Go check em out.
Kevin Pickett  10/12/2008            
For the most part I love this album, I only don't care for 1 track. I bought the album at a show. This band kicks ass live.
Kevin Pickett  10/06/2008            
I like this album, its a little against the grain for Red Dirt but you can't deny that Oklahoma has the potential to produce some amazing bands. I listend to them on myspace and I have to say..."I'm now a fan"
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