Kim Townsend

Kim Townsend
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Kim Townsend was born at an early age in Lubbock, Texas, in nineteen- blah -blah-blah. (Let’s just say sometime in the mid to late-ish sixties) Anyway, from the beginning she was traveling around the country (not independently, of course… she let her parents come along, too). Before she could walk (which was around age eleven) she had moved from Lubbock to Atlanta, GA, and by the time she got to pre-school (age nineteen or so) she and her family were in Chicago, IL. Her father, Glen, is a highly successful businessman involved in the heavy equipment/construction industry (thus the moving a lot); and her mom, Cheryl, was (and continues to be) the best professional mother ever! Though the three of them were very happy together, her parents decided to liven things up a bit and so her brother, Clint, was born. Their lives have never been the same….but I mean that in a good way! Kim’s is a very close-knit and loving family, both in the immediate and extended sense; though (strangely), none of them actually knit. They share in their creativity and wacky humor, as well as their love of God and country. She continues to have extremely close relationships with her grandparents, aunts, uncles, and numerous cousins. Early in life Kim began her long road to many MORE long roads and all the rest-stops found along the way. As a result of her wanderings, Kim has had to seek the assistance of support groups for her un-natural attraction to cardboard boxes and packing tape. Because her folks listened to a wide variety of music (ranging from The Sons of the Pioneers to the Beatles, Roy Orbison to the Eagles, Don Edwards to Elvis… and beyond!), Kim grew up with a great love for music of most every genre. Well, she’s not exactly a huge fan of yodeling polkas, but everything else is o.k. It wasn’t a big leap, then, from just LIKING music to actually PLAYING it, and so began her quest to learn how to play as many instruments as possible. So far, she can play more than one; sometimes even while blindfolded. A few years passed, Kim grew a moustache and joined a roving band of plumber’s helpers, and then she got a job. O.k., she actually has had several jobs in her lifetime, including: waitress, landscaper, ice cream truck driver (in high school), EMT, elementary teacher, sales clerk, phlebotomist diner cook home remodeler tutor musician coroner’s assistant cake decorator E.R. attendant Flash forward to current day: Now Kim has cast aside her lucrative position as a Mobile Snowcone Dispensary Technician and has chosen, instead, to embark on a new journey as a singer/songwriter. With the encouragement of her support system (no, not the one for moving boxes and packing materials- but instead, all the wonderful friends and family she loves so much!), she has completed her first recording of original songs for posterity (or anyone else who will listen). She dearly hopes you enjoy her debut CD, Wayworn Traveler. (There will be no yodeling)
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Kim Townsend  06/03/2006            
Kim is one of the best at guitar I have heard. Her sense of humor and passion in song move more than your feet.
Kim Townsend  04/08/2005            
rock on...
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