King Cone

King Cone
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Almost from Day One, the only son of a family with deep Texas roots was making music on a farm near Dallas. Between chores and school, the handsome young boy called King (named after his father and grandfather, despite his motherís protests) broke his teeth on the sounds of Dwight Yoakum, Dire Straits and Delbert McClinton. His father, a longtime Dallas blues player, made an impression on King with a beat-up Yamaha guitar that would eventually lead to the two forming his first band. Selected from a Wise County Pee Wee Football team that King played on and his father coached, four boys combined their talents and thirst for music to form King Cone & The Wise Guys. King and company landed their first paying gig when they were 13 and won their schoolís sixth grade talent show with the fastest version ever played of Alan Jacksonís 1991 hit ďDonít Rock the Jukebox.Ē The Wise Guys soon became something of a novelty, and if there were a festival or party to be had in the Wise County area, the band was sure to be the entertainment. In the late 1990s, the group performed as far away as Caracas, Venezuela, and developed an annual show that raised tens of thousands of dollars for the local heritage museum. During high school, King and the band continued to be successful, performing on local TV news-entertainment morning shows, opening for Alabama and Willie Nelson, and recording their first CD, THATíS IT. College was a different story for Cone. He played less while attending the University of Texas in Austin to focus on what being a college student really entails. Besides frequenting Sixth Street bars to work on an economics degree, Cone was a fraternity president, a foreman of the Texas Cowboys service organization and editor of the UT Law School yearbook. Since graduation in December 2004, Cone has turned his full focus and attention toward breaking through in the regional music scene. His time has been spent forming a new band, writing songs, recording two EPs and putting in the necessary time to develop his latest CD, GALLERY. He has played more than 200 dates during the past year, including benefits on behalf of his mother and his high school wrestling coach, both cancer survivors, and has earned media coverage across Texas. With special causes near and dear to his heart, Cone often volunteers his time and guitar to play for benefits. He developed material, performed and produced a four-song CD for the Making Memories Foundationís Brides Against Breast Cancer program. He has also performed for Texas Scottish Rite Hospital for Children in Dallas and played several benefits to help other Texas artists recoup the cost of stolen equipment. Now, at 24, Coneís in high-gear, doubling his hard work and Texas-born drive to succeed. Heís seen to every detail surrounding the release of GALLERY as well as the advance touring heís been doing. Heís always striving for success in the biz, both as a maker and merchant of meaningful music.
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Average Rating : 4.5              Total Reviews: 8

King Cone  10/08/2007            
Great performer, great vocals, great music. One of the best talents in Texas. Keep it going.
King Cone  07/25/2007            
Great in the live show!! Who else can pull off "The Fresh Prince of Bel Aire" like that. King does a great job and just keeps getting better. Keep it up brother...
King Cone  03/08/2007            
OMG!!! I was just listening to this guy on Radio Free Texas' Live from Firehorse Saloon and it was awful! He covered Folsom Prison Blues and f*cked the words all up!!! Have not heard the CD but the live show I 've heard was not very good at all.
King Cone  01/31/2007            
Oh my gosh awesome! Really good.
King Cone  01/31/2007            
I thought the CD was awesome and he is pretty darn good looking too!
King Cone  01/29/2007            
This is the best old school country CD I have heard in a while. He is even better in person. I recommend to all.
King Cone  12/13/2006            
I saw these guys in Denton. They rocked everyones face off and made killer Flaming Dr. Peppers.
King Cone  12/13/2006            
This CD is awesome...very different!
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