Libbi Bosworth

Libbi Bosworth
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One cannot fully speak of Texas music without including singer Libbi Bosworth. Libbi's wry humor, loud mouth and tell-it-like-it-is attitude find their way into her songs, which have been recorded by Kelly Willis, Toni Price and The Hollisters. Libbi has been based out of Austin, Texas for some time, but like many singer/songwriters, moves from town to town like most people change their undies, and considers most anywhere in Texas her home. She's even appeared on Austin City Limits, passing herself off as a well-behaved adult, and dueting with honky-tonk hunk Dale Watson. The duets don't stop there. On Libbi's independent record, Libbiville, she duets with the Pavarotti of the Plains himself, Don Walser, and, not to play gender faves, the sultry Miss Toni Price. Often categorized as Americana Music or Alternative Country, this country Grrrl likes to say she's just a "chick singer playing honky-tonk music."
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Libbi Bosworth  12/08/2004            
Libbi Bosworth  12/04/2004            
can't take my eyes off of you
Libbi Bosworth  06/22/2002            
John Reiser
For the ability to bring forth an album that is consistently entertaining, no matter how many times one listens to it, Bosworth is the #1 Female Artist in Country Music and perhaps in any genré and she has proved it TWICE--once with her astounding debut, "Outskirts of You," and again in 2001 with her fabulous follow-up, "Libbiville." Her singing ability, her intelligence and versatility as a songwriter and her ability to select and recruit the best musicians in Texas today (which is to say, in the World) make both of her albums important events in the history of Country Music, not to mention a joy to hear!
Libbi Bosworth  06/19/2002            
NYC Johnster
Libbi Bosworth's astounding album "Libbiville" will delight any fan who appreciates great pickers--the best of Texas' best!--backing up the best female recording artist in any kind of music today, as she delivers these moving and memorable songs. Bosworth's ability to "sell" a song is the envy of everyone in Country Music and one listen to "Libbiville" will show you why.
Libbi Bosworth  04/09/2002            
Real country music fans really need to discover Libbi's music. There is so much ado over all the edgy guys that I wonder if anyone realizes that there are great women talents out there. Libbi is a true country gem...her music is infectious. Honky tonk, good ole country music...get a copy of her new CD, Libbiville. You won't be sorry!! She's really awesome.
Libbi Bosworth  08/06/2001            
Texan Chick
WOW!!!! What a great CD...this is a must have for anyone who calls Texas home...and for everyone else for that matter. Check out "Ha Ha Ha", "Back Home in Texas" and "Straight to My Heart."
Libbi Bosworth  07/15/2001            
texan chick
Great female country singer-songwriter...the best there is in Austin and around the lone star state!! Get your dancin' boots on when you go see Libbi perform. 5 Stars.
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