Libby Kirkpatrick

Libby Kirkpatrick
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Awarded Finalist, Runner-Up, and Honorable Mention in the 2002 John Lennon Songwriting Competition, Winner of the 2003 Lady Sixstring songwriting competition, Finalist in the 2003 Rocky Mountain Folks Festival Songwriter showcase, Finalist and Honorable Mentions in the 2003 Billboard Songwriting Contest, and Winner of the 1999 Telluride “Troubadour” songwriting and performance competition, Libby Kirkpatrick is an extremely powerful and refreshingly original singer-songwriter and acoustic guitarist, stunning audiences with her wide vocal range, serious command of dynamics, award-winning lyrics and sailing voice. Growing up in the suburbs of Philadelphia, Libby Kirkpatrick began playing classical piano at age 3. At age 14, deeply moved by the musical era of singer-songwriters in the 1970's, she switched to acoustic guitar while immersing herself in the artistry of Joni Mitchell, Joan Armatrading, Neil Young and Rickie Lee Jones. Drawn by her adventure-seeking desires as a nomadic youth, Libby left home to live minimalistically overseas in India and in Thailand, and then busking in Ireland where she began writing her first original songs. She then returned to the States to live in Boulder, CO where she began performing professionally for the first time in 1995. Spending her next several years touring folk venues, befriending and commingling with the jamband circuit, and honing her musical crafts, she began developing solid regional followings along the west coast, southwest, and northeast. In 2001, Libby took root in Austin, Texas where she now resides in between tours. Libby's other interests include: astrology, nutrition, cooking, yoga, mind-body connection, dance, travel, visual & performance art, language and metaphysics. Recently found in Libby's CD Player: Beck, Cat Power, Radiohead, Gilberto Gil, Jeff Buckley, Nickel Creek, Patty Griffin, and Bjork Libby Kirkpatrick is releasing her third album (first national release) “Goodnight Venus” in October 2003, featuring drummer Jerry Marotta (Peter Gabriel, Indigo Girls, Sara McLaughlan), bassist Sara Lee (Indigo Girls, Ani DiFranco) and guitarist Mitch Watkins (Lyle Lovett, Abra Moore) and more.
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Libby Kirkpatrick  04/08/2005            
LM in California
Libby Kirkpatrick is so talented that I can't believe she's not taking the country by storm. Her track "Crying" on Goodnight Venus blows me away. I heard it once on the radio, and I had to stop what I was doing and just listen. It's got one of the best choruses ever written, and this woman can do anything with her voice. She's a little bit Ani DiFranco, a little bit Susan Tedeschi, but really all her own.
Libby Kirkpatrick  05/04/2004            
Clay Steakley, Performing Songwriter
"A fluid, dark, utterly beautiful record. Kirkpatrick’s breathtaking, agile voice and fearless delivery take this already solid set of songs and lift them into the stratosphere. Conjuring heartbreaking voices from Rickie Lee Jones to PJ Harvey and Cat Power, she keens, howls, croons and chirps her way through smart contemporary pop, brooding folk and luscious, pulsating laments. The sonic textures of Goodnight Venus are as deep and luxurious as the content of her lyrics. Standouts “Circus,” “To a Child,” and “Vaulted Heart” illustrate Kirkpatrick’s ease with lyrical complexity and mind-bending melody and harmony. Patty Griffin, watch your back."
Libby Kirkpatrick  10/10/2003            
Neile Graham
"Goodnight Venus is her best work yet and shows that Libby Kirkpatrick is a maturing songwriter and performer, who will surely be a force to be reckoned with in the singer songwriter scene. She has a range of emotion here from lively and rocking to haunting and bluesy. I'm hard-pressed to say which my favorite tracks on this album are, as all of them have their charms. "Goodnight Venus" is a strong, complex, energetic and captivating start to the album. "Vaulted Heart" reinforces that with a more straightforward piece of folk rock. There are few singer songwriter/folk fans that this album won't appeal to."- Neile Graham, Ectophiles' Guide to Good Music
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