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The Lost Trailers bio we used to have up from their label compared the group to Kenny Chesney and phrased it as a good thing. We decided to update it ourselves here at LSM. Our take: The Lost Trailers are a Georgia-based quintent that used to rock until they sold their souls for a few coppers and a support slot on tour with the pec-implanted demon of Nashville. Now they play the same weak-ass country music wallpaper you can hear anywhere. Welcome to the Woods is a great disc, but steer clear of any of their CDs released after 2004.
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03/18/2008 - The Lost Trailers Have Listeners Shakin' Their Sassafras With New Hit 'Holler Ba - Read More
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Lost Trailers  09/20/2008            
daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaamn ... i've never seen lsm diss somebody like this ... what's even more effed up about it, it's the truth ... i don't know what the trailers were smokin' when they made welcome to the woods, but they need to pick up the habbit again ... they crap they're putting out now is comparible to rig and bitch ... i mean big and rich
Lost Trailers  08/27/2008            
I hear you, Lost. When, in the pre-press for the record, they talk about what they've learned from Kenny Chesney and Carrie Underwood you know you're not going to be getting another "Welcome To The Woods".
Lost Trailers  08/26/2008            
Lost, Trailer Fan
So I've gotta say things have gone down hill.. I had hope that things would move back to the way they were after they got there foot in the door and they would go back to The Trailers way of life...sadly no.. 6months off the road to work on a new album...6 whole months with NO SHOWS...and what do we get.. 10 tracks...thats all 10 tracks. and I can't even say 10 new tracks becuase 4 of them are off the last album... WTF man... What happened to the Battery? Yellow Rose? Sitting On Top Of The World? Very Lost, Trailer Fan....
Lost Trailers  07/21/2008            
Grab a copy of Jessica Simpons new album...you should like it.
Lost Trailers  07/20/2008            
Proud Trailers Fan
Wow ... I have to say I was taken aback by the band profile. Excellent band and deserve alot more credit than what LSM has bestoyed upon them. In fact, it's unprofessional and childish. I will gladly pick up another copy of WTTW as it is one of the greatest cds ever and then take all remaining business elsewhere.
Lost Trailers  12/08/2007            
No words really describe how much disappointment I feel when I think about this band.
Lost Trailers  07/06/2007            
I miss the "OLD" Lost Trailers!!
Lost Trailers  05/22/2007            
Ya know I was alittle taken back by this CD. It, like everyone else says, isn't true Lost Trailers. I mean I think Rhyder has a great voice but it's not what brought me to the band. It's not The Battery, Averly Jane, YMCA and Favorite Friends. They still put on a good show but it's just not the same. I saw them a month ago and the whole setup had changed. Rhyder on guitar? Manny on bass? Mule on keys? I mean what happened? It sounded good but just different. They covered alot more songs than I'm use to. Every other song seemed to be someone else's. A true sign of new artists in Nashville. Now I'm not knocking the guys for going where the money is and I hear the new CD is going to have some old songs reworked, which I hope means more Stokes. He's a lead singer turned backup and I think he feels that in his show, he needs to be out front. Miss the old stuff guys, Bring it back...
Lost Trailers  01/31/2007            
Loman Jones
Oh. My. God... "Hi, we're the Lost Trailers. We used to be cool and make cool albums but its hard to buy a new Mercedes on that kinda pay (even though we sing about having the same truck since we were 18). You know recently I've really been digging those Rascall Flatts fellas. [To other bandmates] Hey guys, let's make an album like those guys!"
Lost Trailers  01/30/2007            
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