Luke Leverett

Luke Leverett
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Luke Leverett describes himself as a shaman/showman. "I like to enter an altered state of mind when I play," he explains, "and I want the audience to go there with me." Texas music fans will remember him as the lead guitarist in Zack Walther and the Cronkites, or for his uninhibited contributions to Javi Garcia and the Cold Cold Ground's A Southern Horror. Those fans may be surprised at his debut record The Critic, which showcases thoughtful pop songcraft instead of multiple guitar solos. There's impressive range in this set of songs,  from a Beatlesque piano ballad ("Maybe I Might") to a pulsating rocker ("Heartbeat") to a folk song ("You Make Me New"). "This is a record about confonting doubt, and how love and faith came back into my life unexpectedly." Listen to The Critic all the way from beginning to end, and you'll heart an artist begin to find his voice. Perhaps on the next record, he can find his guitar.

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Average Rating : 4.6              Total Reviews: 5

Luke Leverett  12/06/2010            
10 inches
This CD love me long time.
Luke Leverett  12/05/2010            
G Money
Brilliant guitar player.
Luke Leverett  12/03/2010            
I love the album. I think it's one of the most complex and individual sounds in this area. Lots of classic sounds revisited and expanded into a new context. As far as the writing goes, to me, there is a small group of people in Texas that write lyrics I remember, or care to remember, Luke is one of those people. To sum, the CD is Shimmering Post-Modern Pop.
Luke Leverett  12/01/2010            
A Girl
If you're bored with everything that's going on then this is your solution. From start to finish, every song is memorable and meaningful, fun and substantial. Highly recommended to any serious music fan.
Luke Leverett  11/24/2010            
Dane Boyle
Picking a number to rate this album is hard. Is it a 4 or 5 I don't really know, but what I do know is that the album represents Luke. If you get to enjoy his contagious live performances you will enjoy his work even more. Seeing Luke and then pushing play after you have "experienced" Luke will fill your soul with musical bliss. Be sure to listen to the album as a whole rather than piece by piece. You will get a better understanding of who Luke is musically. He wears his heart and soul on his sleeve and isn't afraid to stand naked before his fans. If I had to choose a song or two that I have listened to repeatedly they would be Hand-Me-Down and Poison. Support local music.
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