Mike Mancy Band

Mike Mancy Band
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Mike grew up in Houston until leaving for Southwest Texas State University in San Marcos. Mike has been writing songs since his early teens. In his freshman year of college he decided to pick up a guitar from the local pawn shop, and learn to accompany his writing and singing. Soon after college he left for Los Angeles, California to pursue a career in the entertainment business. Six months later, Mike found himself with a talent agent and making a living in movie production. With his work schedule at about 80 hours a week his music had quickly taken a back seat. Two years later he decided to move to Nashville to focus on his music. Music was Mike’s greatest love as well as his greatest fear. “When you are playing and writing music for people you are letting them into your heart and soul; that has always been a difficult thing for me. Nothing scares me about getting up on stage and doing my thing, but it’s the power of a song from the heart; when I write a song, I want it to move the crowd like it moves me.” After playing the circuit in Nashville, he invested his savings into a demo cd with some of Nashville’s A-List players. He wanted the raw hard Texas sound similar to Jerry Jeff Walker, Steve Earle and Robert Earl Keen, but the producer did not give him what he wanted. “Nashville is over saturated with extremely talented players and singers, but the industry isn’t giving the listening audience a choice of what they really want to hear. There are so many talented musicians in Texas and the folks in Nashville just don’t get it. You know, when a guy like Pat Green sells over 250,000 cd’s as an independent, in Texas alone, then you’ve got to think that the rest of the world is missing out on some really great music.” After spending 3 years in Nashville, Mike made his move back to Texas to get the sound he was looking for. He went back into the studio in August 2002 with Patriot Studio, in Burleson, Texas. The very talented Chris Booher, with Asleep at the Wheel, and Aarom Meador, who also engineered the project, produced the album. “Mike is a talented song writer and vocalist, and his songs are strengthened by his energy and conviction. Mike is a genuine guy who works really hard, and loves what he does. I expect he will have a great future.” Mike released his self titled debut album over the 2002 Labor Day weekend and sold over 70 copies after his performance in New Braunfels, Texas. Mike currently lives in the Dallas, Fort Worth area and is now opening and headlining shows across Texas at the following venues: Gruene Hall, Adairs, The Thirsty Armadillo, Woody’s Tavern, The Houston Live Stock Show and Rodeo, The Star of Texas Rodeo, South by Southwest and other local bars, private parties and benefits.
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Average Rating : 4.9              Total Reviews: 55

Mike Mancy Band  04/03/2013            
What happen to the Mike Mancy Band? These guys were the Shiz...can't find them anywhere! Love...love...love!
Mike Mancy Band  02/21/2010            
Um, two words. Not good.
Mike Mancy Band  02/20/2010            
Another great cd! Love it!
Mike Mancy Band  09/29/2008            
Terry B.
Ya'll are a great bunch of guys who bring it to the stage every night. Keep cranking the hits! Long live the "duck farts"!
Mike Mancy Band  02/15/2008            
"The Best Live Show Ever". I see them whenever I get the chance. I saw them open for Bleu at Banita Creek in Nacogdoches and the cheers were louder for Mancy than Bleu.
Mike Mancy Band  07/27/2007            
Scott in Cali.
I met Mike a couple years back at the "Larry Joe Taylor" event out in Stephenville. Me and the boys came out from Cali. , got an RV in Dallas, and drove to the show.He and a band mate hung out with us and played, and drank, and played, and drank some more (pass me a shiner!)We all went and saw him at the White Elephant a couple nights later and he flat rocked the joint! Saw him blow it up at the beer garden over the 4th of July weekend. He's a cool dude, love's what he does, and puts on a helluva show! Thanks Mike, you have fans out in Cali. my brother! Scott
Mike Mancy Band  06/18/2007            
This is one of the GREATEST group of guys I have came across in my enitre lifetime! And the energy that they have at a show in AMAZING! Be sure to check em out! You will become an instant fan!!
Mike Mancy Band  06/18/2007            
This is one of the GREATEST group of guys I have came across in my entire lifetime! And the energy that they have at a show in AMAZING! Be sure to check em out! You will become an instant fan!!
Mike Mancy Band  06/12/2007            
Jennifer Johnston
I saw Mike's band at ADDAIR'S in Dallas back in 2004. I was a fan then and still a fan. Mike's band is A beer drinking, party good time! Love you guys!!!
Mike Mancy Band  11/11/2006            
I attended my first Mike Mancy show at the Horsemen last night and the show rocked. Thank you and I will see you again!
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