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Monte Montgomery
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I wouldn't trade that time for anything" recalls Monte Montgomery, about his tough, but musically enriching early childhood where he first learned to play guitar. Born in Birmingham, Alabama, and relocated to San Antonio at age 13, he played trumpet and piano, later switching to guitar. He spent his formative years in Luckenbach, Texas, living with his mother, Maggie Montgomery, an accomplished country singer/guitarist, and spent much time learning from and playing with musicians who hung out at Hondo Crouch's General Store and Bar. That was then, this is now. "1st and Repair", Monte Montgomery's debut album showcases his incredibly eye-popping fretwork, original songs and stunning vocals. An impressive new talent on the Austin, Texas scene, he and his bandmates Chris Maresh (bass) and Phil Bass (drums) have been performing locally for the past three years. Monte's influences include Mark Knopfler, Bruce Cockburn, Stevie Ray Vaughan and Lindsey Buckingham, but his approach and sound are all his own. His scintillating guitar style prompted one critic from the Austin Chronicle to remark "It was just him and his guitar on stage, but the sound was so full, so resonant, that he could have had a thousand guitars up there." "Monte Montgomery gets more sounds out of his acoustic guitar than most artists get out of their whole band." says the Austin American Statesman.That is just one reason why Monte's live performances earned him opening slots for Bob Dylan, Buddy Guy, Kenny Loggins, Willie Nelson, Delbert McClinton and Robert Earl Keen. The second is his original songs. They range from bluesy slide guitar grooves to intense rockers, hip reggae rhythms to beautiful ballads, all sung with a soft, soulful voice. The pop-rock "Last Goodbye" will be the first single release from "1st and Repair".
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Average Rating : 4.6              Total Reviews: 28

Monte Montgomery  04/03/2007            
I have seen Monte live at least 5 times in the last year. Each time I am amazed at his virtuoso guitar work and amazing sound. Add to this his lyrics that speak to the soul, and you have an incredible musician. Go see him, or you will miss out!
Monte Montgomery  11/16/2006            
April J.
Monte Montgomery is an astounding talent. You cannot fully appreciate the mind-blowing,jaw-dropping sounds that scream out of his guitar and vocal skills, until you witness them first hand at a live show. He is a musical prodigy and if you can see him live, don't miss it!
Monte Montgomery  04/02/2005            
THE best guitar player you will ever hear. I've been in awe of this guy since he rocked the Saxxon Pub in Austin, years before even his first CD with Heart Music. Yet every time I see this guy the show is fresh - he's got so much stuff (and that's exactly why it's unfair to rip him for "Story of Love"). He's a great singer/songwriter(and coverer - Dire Straits, great as they are, never sounded this good!!) and once again, THE best guitar player you will see - so buy the albums, but more importantly go see him live - if you're not totally amazed, you better start checking for a pulse!
Monte Montgomery  04/02/2005            
A Phonominal Guitar Player Excelent Vocalist.His music touches you on so mny levels its almost impossible to describe!Dfinitly a one of the greatest Folk singers of all time.
Monte Montgomery  12/29/2004            
5 stars isn't enough to rate Monte Montgomery! When you hear a great guitarist, they sometimes don't have the vocal capabilities to match with the musical. Well, Monte has proved himself a musical, lyrical, and vocal wizard in Texas and across the nation! If you ever get the chance to see him, don't hesitate to take it! You won't regret it!
Monte Montgomery  05/07/2004            
Surf Club Records
Hands down the greatest guitarist on earth. Ever. Period.
Monte Montgomery  02/17/2004            
I find my self to be so very lucky to live in the central Texas region and able to attend many a Monte concert over the days. He is truly one of the best guitarist/singers/songwriters producing music today. And with his new release, The Story of Love, he keeps the bar extremly high for himself, but we all know he can continually top that. I am very excited about his most recent bassist David Piggott, I hope he settles into the band well and stays around for quiet some time. Maybe Monte and Ray have finally put together the right threesome to hit the big stage nationwide! David has everything underhis belt, great vocals, incredable solos, the ability to play along with any random request thrown from the audience of a cover Monte did four years ago at a couple of shows, not to mention his just flat out phenominal playing skills. Keep up the great work guys (I don't doubt that you will) and EVERY body out there needs to check this guy out every chance you get before he's playing bigger and bigger venues costing much more (which will still be very much worth it, just not a once a week kinda gig) p.s. Congrats on the new son Monte!
Monte Montgomery  01/29/2004            
I have to applaud Monte Montgomery on his latest release: The Story Of Love. It is a bold attempt to put something new and refreshing out into the crapper that we call current music. Sure, it sounds different than his other albums, but since when is different a bad thing? Had the circumstances been different, then "certain people" (the montiac below) would probably be complaining if Monte hadn't try to stretch himself as a musician! I am a true believer in musicians growing and taking their music to the next level. No one is better at this than Monte Montgomery. And as for all of you who can't understand the importance of such a change, I would suggest you follow an artist who will continually pump out the same, old fabricated bull shit for decades, because, in reality, you have no grasp on truly great songwriters. GO MONTE GO!
Monte Montgomery  12/22/2003            
It's a sad, sad day for Montiacs all over...Monte's most recent release, "The Story of Love", is a story that should have been left untold. This effort is soooo far from his usual KICK ASS quality that it has to make one wonder whether or not he was just cleaning his closets of non-inspired songs in an effort to fulfill a contract. I don't know, but then again, I don't care because I just wasted $20 on something I'll never use again. Do yourself a favor and buy ANY of his other recordings because everything else he has done rates 4 1/2 to 5 stars...the only reason this effort gets 1 star is because he is Monte. I'll still be going to his shows, but I hope he doesn't play too many songs from this album...maybe they'll be better live...I'm just a hopeless Montiac!!
Monte Montgomery  11/24/2003            
Edson HoverZ
Guitarist Lovers will love Monte! He has a unique signature style like no other, simply an incredible guitar talent! See Video Samples of Monte playing with Double Trouble, malford Milligan, Stephen Bruton, Derrick Obrien and the keyboard player from Little Feat on
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