Peter Kalla

Peter Kalla
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A Maverick in the new "Americana" music industry, Calico Moon recording artist Peter Kalla ventures onto the scene with his newly released "Southrn Charm" CD. Kalla first journeyed onto the music scene at the age of 16. As all determined and dedicated artists, he uses his life experiences and the fires with-in to create the ballads and story songs he shares. As a child, the Calico Kid was raised on a farm near East Elma, New York. Ultimatly, destiny drove him down the road to find his own "America", and to find his musical voice, depth, breadth and space in the industry. His travels have taken him from the heartlands to the beaches, from the French Quarter, to the big sky badland of Montana, and Western Canada...sharing his broad range of talent and earthy tones to those ready, willing and able to appreciate lively, engaging and refreshing original material. Kalla has recently relocated to the quant musical community of New Braunfels, Texas. His diversity ranges from producing other artists as well as appearing on TV, most notably on a CBS special "48 Hours" in Nashville and opening up a concert date for bluegrass star Rhonda Vincent in Boone, North Carolina. Despite being influenced by orginal artists such as Gram Parsons, Neil Young and Rodney Crowell, Kalla is a rarity these orginal writer with an interesting way of moving thru the lyrics he shares. Articulate with a deep enthralling voice, Peter will share his passion and intense nature through his talented voice. Not a crooner, not a rocker, but a combination of gutsy soul searing flux, his engaging songs surround your ears and fill you with a desire to continue following this unrivaled Americana Artist for many years to come. The way his music erupts...will change your mind and challenge the way you look at original bluegrass/folksy/country music. Acoustic Twang, a jambalaya blend of all styles, all the old unto a bold new stream of Americana music. As you let his poetic baritone tones take you across America, close your eyes and be touched with this sensitive, engaging and incredibly talented fine artist. Experience and feel your own messages in the cuts "Southern Charm","Oklahoma is a State of Mind" to the haunting desperate yet truthful and driven, forceful, resonate and personally intimate "My Life was like a Rolling Stone" and the title CD track "Southern Charm".
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Peter Kalla  02/06/2009            
I think Peter is a true country singer, where you don't here much of the older style now, Peter seems to be bringing that back, can't wait for more, he will be a top starone day. Keep it up Peter.
Peter Kalla  08/12/2006            
Peter is an All-Americana with a nice blend of ballad and country. His voice in person and on this albulm is smooth yet, rustic and the details of the lyrics are second to none. He is moving to Austin for a more fertile compass for his unique flavor of music. This is excellent.
Peter Kalla  04/30/2006            
good fresh songs from the heart Good voice . NEEDS TO BE HEARD ON THE RADIO UP and comming talant
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