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Radio Free Texas
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Texas Red Dirt music played 24/7 via the internet with the listeners determining what's played and how often. Radio Free Texas has a unique Texas mix of Texas country, rock, blues and more! It also features news, interviews, live artist chats and more.
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Average Rating : 5              Total Reviews: 43

Radio Free Texas  07/09/2008            
More than just a OKOM streaming site... It's like family there. You get to hear a huge variety of music, Get to request songs, and get to chat with the artists to boot!! Whats not to love! Also the forums and chat room are wonderful! Really close knit bunch and I am VERY proud to be among some of the finest people!
Radio Free Texas  01/30/2008            
Radio Free Texas It's not about the boxes and wires, it's about the music and people....and it's all good~~ Diane
Radio Free Texas  01/29/2008            
Chesty Larue
I think diversity is a good thing. It's great to hear brand new music, even if it's not something you would normally listen to. Kudos to Kari for broadening our CD collection.
Radio Free Texas  01/28/2008            
My face is all over RFT. I'm not ashamed of what I say :)
Radio Free Texas  01/28/2008            
wouldn't it be great if we had to sign in and have our picture to go with all these negative attacks? just saying! RFT rocks.
Radio Free Texas  01/28/2008            
wow. I'm sorry I dont pick crap artists to play that you probably deem as "good". I believe in variety of music rather than playing one artist over and over again. Some of the music is good, some is bad. Let's hear it all and decide from there. I'm not sure which artist you chose to attack me for requesting, but thanks a lot. Now more people just know who I am and what I stand for. :) Have a faboo day!
Radio Free Texas  01/28/2008            
Radio Free Texas is awesome, unless KariLou picks the music.
Radio Free Texas  09/20/2007            
Radio Free Texas is AWESOME!!!! They play great music all day long, not just in segments. They play the local music you want to hear. They will play bands that you haven't heard of yet, that one day will make it big. RFT has turned me on to lots of great artist I didn't know before. Check them out, you'll be glad you did!
Radio Free Texas  09/18/2007            
Absolutely great Americana/Alt-Country Internet radio station! And it's an all-request station to boot! Mostly ad-free, you will hear a wide variety of music on this station back-to-back, with convenient links so you can purchase songs or CDs. It's great !!
Radio Free Texas  09/10/2007            
good stuff
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