Red Stick Ramblers

Red Stick Ramblers
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Founded in 1999 in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, the Red Stick Ramblers first gained the attention of local music fans by playing clubs and parties around Louisiana State University. They quickly became a favorite live act in the area, with college students and club-goers flocking to listen, and of course, dance, to the Ramblers' inimitable blend of Cajun, Western Swing, blues, and honky-tonk sounds. Their seemingly instant success as a live act was bolstered by the 2001 release of their eponymous debut album. Crowned "The Great Cajun Hope" by one columnist, the upstart Ramblers garnered rave reviews in the local and national press, and were widely credited with bringing traditional Louisiana music to a new, younger audience. In 2003, the Ramblers released their highly anticipated sophomore effort, Bring it on Down, which also met with virtually unanimous critical acclaim. In 2004, the band found themselves with two new members, veteran fiddler Kevin Wimmer, and bassist Eric Frey. The Rambler quintet wasted no time in defining their new sound. Though similar in some respects to previous outings, 2004's Right Key, Wrong Keyhole offered fans a new, more cohesive feel, and some of the band's best original songwriting to date. Peaking at #9 on Billboard's Americana charts, Right Key proved that the Red Stick Ramblers simply have a habit of outdoing themselves. In addition to touring extensively in support of their latest album, the Ramblers have kept busy with a number of side projects. In the summer of 2005, they were summoned to the set of the upcoming film "All The King's Men," for film and soundtrack work with T-Bone Burnett (The Big Lebowski, O Brother, Where Art Thou?). Later that year, Ramblers Kevin Wimmer, Chas Justus, and Eric Frey were recruited by multi-platinum pop icon Linda Ronstadt to contribute to her upcoming release Adieu False Heart. Ronstadt's new album, a collaboration with Ann Savoy and legendary country producer Steve Buckingham, will also include a cover of Justus' original tune "Rattle My Cage," first featured on the Ramblers' second album Bring It On Down. The Red Stick Ramblers have finished their fourth album, their second with Grammy award-winner Dirk Powell, which will be released in September of 2007 on Sugar Hill Records.
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Average Rating : 4.8              Total Reviews: 5

Red Stick Ramblers   01/05/2008            
C. Walker
Love these guys so much that after we heard their music at the Continental in Austin, we asked them to play our wedding in 2003 - they were a hit then too! And they just keep getting better!
Red Stick Ramblers   12/06/2007            
The Red Stick Ramblers are awesome. They have a very unique sound sometimes combining blues, cajun and pop. I saw them at the Mucky Duck in Houston and had a great time.
Red Stick Ramblers   08/29/2005            
Dan Elliott
These guys are great ! They have huge stage presence and great technical abilities, the guitarist sounds like D'jango and both the fiddle players are superb. Hightest ratings, don't miss them.
Red Stick Ramblers   05/10/2005   
We a review for the Red Stick Ramblers up on This review is part of our weekly audio podcast review show called Randall's Random Review which includes audio clips of a few of these tracks.
Red Stick Ramblers   01/04/2005            
Butch Oliver
This album is great. I can't wait untill they put out the next one.
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