Richard Lee

Richard Lee
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The first time you hear Richard Lee and his hard drivin' band from Houston, Texas, you may have a hard time labeling him as a Country or Rock artist. That's just fine with him. RL is a standalone crossover singer/songwriter who simply wants to bring a high-energy and soulful experience to the people. For most of this proud Texan's 30 years, the former high school football coach has been writing and performing his brand of edgy heartfelt music. While RL music may test the borders of traditional country sounds, it always seems to be able to touch somebody somehow, deep inside. From legendary country influences like Willie Nelson, Don Williams, Alabama, Chris LeDoux, and Buck Owens, to soulful rockers such as John Mellencamp, U2, Bruce Springsteen, Tom Petty, Billy Joel, The Police, Ian Moore, James Taylor, and the Eagles, even Lee doesn't know what kind of song he'll write next. "My songs are usually about a lesson I've learned. If the message is too deep or too cheesy to relate, then it goes in the trash. When I can finally hear a tune and a lyric come together to say the same thing, I feel like I just learned the lesson that much deeper. Even though I love the humor of the occasional fictional creation, I am basically an autobiographical writer. If I were to look back at all the major relationships and discoveries in my life, there was eventually a song about it. What makes recording and performing those songs such a kick to me, is that with all the love and all the crap I've been through, it always seems that somebody else I meet has been there too. I also believe that there is no one Texas music sound. Every song I write has its own mix of musical cultures. As Charlie Robison once said, 'Texas Music is more of an attitude.'" This simple passion to make people "feel good" is what drives Lee. When you get the opportunity to experience a live show, you'll know very quickly that RL is there for one reason, to give you all he has to give. "Performing and writing are two completely different things to me. Both can entertain; but there's nothing like the adrenaline of live music. Man, that's why I enjoy being up on that stage and sweatin' my tail off. If when the show is done, I have nothing left and the people believe they received the value they paid for, I feel like I've done my job." While you might say that Lee writes and performs with a spiritual intensity, he is full of faith and a constant smile. Born in Houston, Richard spent most of his youth and on through college pursuing athletic dreams, while always singing in church. He's maintained that competitive spirit with everything he does, music included. "My biggest challenge is dealing with the fact that I'm never satisfied. Oh, I'll definitely enjoy the party, but I'm usually the first one to get back to work. Most country artists have Nashville dreams at some point. But today, I just want to have a blast, stay good with God, and live like the road goes on forever!"
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