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Robby White
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Robby White is a true Texas treasure. His roots are as clearly embedded in Texas soil as are his heart and soul. He grew up with all genres of music as his constant companions and his love for all types of songs continues on today. His passion for music led him to teach himself to play the guitar and piano and before long he was writing his own songs. He played in rock bands, blues bands, and country bands while traveling across the nation searching for that special sound. (Chicken Tree Road) Robby even spent time in Jamaica trying to define and blend the rhythms and the sound that could give his audience genuinely different and fresh music… the kind of music that would bring out the foot stompin’ Texan in every person that heard him perform. His honky tonk roadhouse brew of musical experiences helped him to develop a new sound. With dreams of playing for what he thought was the soul of country music, Robby set out for Nashville to introduce them to “his” music. What he found there was his greatest disappointment to date. There seemed to be no real love for the music there, just the love of how much money the music could deliver. What they wanted was just more of the same old sound of ringing cash registers. After dealing with all of the trappings of the Nashville scene he grew weary of the motivation behind the music there. (Makin’ Music In The Money Business) Robby headed back to Texas and formed his own band (the tejas gringos) and vowed to play only his own kind of music. He was more interested in making music than he was in making money. He wanted his audience to feel every lyric and note in their hearts just the way he did. Robby rediscovered his heart and soul in the faces of his audiences and it is evident in every song that he writes or sings. (Till I Die) Robby’s smile, which is a prominent part of each of his performances, tells it all … he found the sound that he had been searching for and he found it within himself. Robby White is not your typical singer songwriter, he tells it like it is, and refuses to become part of the mainstream music machine that seems to punch out the same song over and over again. (Ain’t It Cool) Again, contrary to the mainstream, he has been married to his beautiful wife, Danielle, for 15 years and has two daughters. (Pretty Little City Girl). Robby has been playing venues all across Texas and Oklahoma to the delight of his ever growing fan base. His repertoire includes everything from Clapton to Muddy Waters and everything in between. He plays them all but with one huge difference, he plays them Robby White style. You haven’t heard Eleanor Rigby until you have heard Robby perform it. He finds the soul of the song and delivers it in a way that you will never forget. His songs will have you standing in line to watch him perform or out buying his CD and most probably, both.
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Robby White  09/10/2008            
Chason Aiken
Robby White and I are good friends... If you enjoy the album, you really need to make a trip up to North Texas for a live show... Incredibly talented man with a God given gift... Jaw dropping, man sounds like he has eight fingers he's picking that six string with...
Robby White  08/07/2008            
Why haven't we heard more about these guys? What a great CD. Love it, love them.
Robby White  08/05/2008            
Love these guys, love the CD. They need more of the "party type" songs. The songs that make you want to sing along with like Chicken Tree and Sweet City Girl.
Robby White  08/02/2008            
Pretty cool CD. Love most of the songs. Not crazy about the ballad type songs. All in all, a great CD.
Robby White  07/31/2008            
Dennis Rupp
I bought this album after hearing "Ain't it cool" on RFT a couple of months ago. I thought it was clever and had a old school Bakersfield kind of vibe. Overall its really good, the vocals are outstanding...not all of it works however. (the lazy southern rock version of "Northeast Texas Women" makes absolutely no sense to me.) Having said that, there are a few real gems here. The afore mentioned "Ain't it Cool" could be described as a smart ass pop culture protest song. "Chicken Tree Road" has a weird, unique beat like some kind of small town shuffle, thats so catchy its maddening. and "Till I Die" is so unapologetically nationalistic that any blue blooded Texan will love it instantly. Overall I've really been enjoying it! Good luck Mr. White...ain't it cool to be you!
Robby White  07/29/2008            
Music was tight. Very entertaining group. I love the songs that they write the best.
Robby White  07/28/2008            
Some kickin' Texas Country music here.
Robby White  07/28/2008            
I saw these guys at Loose Wheels in Denison. Awesome band. Their CD is really good. I think they are on their way.
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