Robert Socia Band

Robert Socia Band
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The music of The Robert Socia Band is a more introspective and sometimes darker view into Americana music in Texas. Featuring a unique blend of musical artists, instrumentation, and arrangements backing the storytelling & songwriting of a 25 year old native of Austin. Socia has spent the past 10 years honing his guitar and songwriting talents by playing and writing with various Austin bands. His own roots rock sound has been influenced by the likes of Lyle Lovett, The Band, Uncle Tupelo, Steve Earl and Little Feat. His touring band features a unique blend of musical artists, with Socia handling lead vocals and rhythm, slide and lead guitars. Brian Beken picks the mandolin and rubs the cello, award-winning Andy Tindall wails on the fiddle. Eric Smith adds bass, Bruce James a piano, and accordion and Jimmy Anderson on the drums. The dynamic of the band comes through their instrumental harmonies and solos. The band's beat is palpable, with tunes ranging from rockers to ballads to the occasional instrumental. Socia's lyrics detail life's dreams, lessons and relationships. “All the songs I write are about real life events and people, my story is on this record.” says Socia. Songs such as “The Armadillo Song” and “Black Gold” showcase his Lone Star roots. Songwriting is his strength. “Songwriting is such an important part of music and a way for me to really express myself,” Socia says. “If I can tell a good story that someone relates to, then I feel I have done my job."
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Robert Socia Band  08/06/2006            
Dig this sound, check it out if you get the chance!
Robert Socia Band  08/04/2006            
Uncle Tim
Great vocals, great perspective!!
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