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Roberto Moreno
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Roberto Moreno  05/14/2010            
David Carr
In the past few years a few bands (Jet, Kings of Leon, The White Stripes) have tried to put garage rock back on the map. The main ingredient these bands have lacked (besides bass guitar in the "Stripes" case) is the important element Roberto Moreno injects into his latest disc Flummoxed. That element is soul! Moreno is a singer/songwriter out of Dallas, Texas and on his latest disc he simply marries a garage rock feel with serious gut bucket R&B. The result is a strong mix of original music. Moreno also shows off his gift as a clever lyricist as he easily references Jimi Hendrix, the song "Purple Haze" and Ezra Pound on a couple of his tracks. Songs such as "Bathroom Wall" and "RTF" rock with a vibrant passion, while tunes such as "When You're Not Around" and "In My Head" have a roots rock, feel with a sly witty sense of humor, as Moreno demonstrates his flair for story telling. From acoustic guitar to mandolin, Moreno let's his musician chops shine without ever losing sight of the art of songwriting. Roberto Moreno's disc is a welcome breath of indie rock fresh air. Flummoxed is the right mix of rock/soul/humor and story telling. If you are looking to add a new sound to your cd collection, look no further than Flummoxed, by Roberto Moreno.
Roberto Moreno  01/09/2009            
Christopher Hess
At a number of points on One Possible Explanation, it's uncanny how much local singer-songwriter Roberto Moreno sounds like Joe Jackson. The wide-open vowels and inflective bursts that convey the sharp wit of his lyrics, and the fact that this album is a song cycle about women and the city complete the match. This works to Moreno's favor, as it relegates the instrumental work to the background. The guitar is mostly straight chords, played entirely inside the lines, and the rhythm section follows suit, but Moreno comes up with enough catchy choruses and hooks to make every song interesting. And the guest appearances often shine, too; Ana Egge's weepy vocals on the opener "What It Takes" are a great counter for Moreno's plaintive lead. Jon Dee Graham provides the album's best guitar work on this song as well, and the lap steel he lends to "Summer" and "Soldier" add a welcome lazy twist to the mostly up-tempo "Vato Pop." There's no shortage of memorable lyrics on One Possible Explanation, either, as Moreno's insightful, biting, and humorous perspectives make his voice more unique than any "He sounds like Joe Jackson"-type comment could explain.
Roberto Moreno  06/12/2004            
Roberto Moreno(Argentina
Hi!!! I am Roberto Moreno Argentine Bass Player. Your sincerely [email protected]
Roberto Moreno  06/12/2004            
Roberto Moreno(Argentina
Hi!!! I am Roberto Moreno Argentine Bass Player. Your sincerely
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