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Pretty World Before the sun Before the heat Before we untangle from our sheets Before this summer day unfurls Pretty world Before the paper is dropped at the gate Before the coffee before we are late Before dreams are lost like midnight pearls Pretty world Pretty world, pretty roses Pretty smile morning light Pretty eyes lazy curls Pretty world Before the traffic before the jets Before the sound of your footsteps Fades away like summer girls Pretty World
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Sam Baker  09/01/2009            
Bill Wells
I received Cotton yesterday and listened to it 3 time in a row and loved it more each time. After Pretty World and Mercy I was afraid Cotton wouldn't measure up but it's a beautiful C.D.
Sam Baker  06/22/2009            
Really looking forward to seeing Sam live in the UK in sept 09,heard im on Bob Harris show & was an instant fan,also cant wait for the new album.
Sam Baker  07/30/2008            
Gary in Rochester
Ditto to David, Poppy and Johncat below. Great songwriting and live performance still mean something in TX, don't they? If that's true, then Sam is king. Listen to him sing "Waves" and try to not be moved. His fans don't throw beer on each other at salsa festivals. And that's kind of the point, I think.....
Sam Baker  06/08/2008            
For the few that have had a negative reaction to Sam's work, I have to say "Get a Soul", Maybe it's an age-related taste but the guy is a poet. In the age of over-produced, over-promoted drivil, he is as refreshing as an August rain in Texas. I saw him live not knowing what to expect and he slayed me.
Sam Baker  03/06/2008            
Had to visit Texas (and US) for the first time three weeks ago, and no time to see anything other than freeways and diners. Got home, surprised to miss the place, then heard 'Orphan' thanks to Johnnie Walker on BBC R2. Had never heard of Sam Baker. Went and ordered 'Pretty World' straight away. It's the most beautiful, real, musically and vocally brilliant album I've heard in years. I'm so happy to have been here to hear this. Thank you Sam.
Sam Baker  02/17/2008            
Sam Baker is the real deal, y'all. Combine the humor of Robert Earl Keen with the lyrics of Townes Van Zandt and the voice of John Prine and you have barely scratched the surface this musical genius. His music draws you in and slays you. The man can turn a lyric like few can these days. When he comes around and does a show in your town, check him out. The man is a master story. Pop a cold one, sit back, and enjoy.
Sam Baker  12/05/2007            
Pete & Sally Engaland
Sam is performer not to be missed, he has just started taking the UK by storm. His words and music are so moving you’ve just got to see him. Having had the privilege last night in West Sussex, thanks to hosts Acoustic Sussex we met Sam, it was like meeting your best friend for the first time, instant relationship! He is absolutely one of the best, Sam must return to the UK with his third album and remain here! Amazing, Brilliant, Inspiring what an experience, just unforgettable. Cheers Pete & Sally.
Sam Baker  09/27/2007            
dave tate,south londonn,england.
I'm struggling for words here I loved "Mercy"God what a voice plus those SONGS.About two weeks ago I got"Pretty World" hand on heart I'm a babbling idiot this CD is,well I struggle to find words.The first time I played it I was nearly SICK with joy.thanks sam
Sam Baker  08/17/2007            
his voice is really cool...really liked Pretty World.
Sam Baker  08/15/2007            
Bt Cat
Sam's taking the Americana music world by storm right now. His 2 releases have garnered a ton of attention and you can bet your boots this guy's gonna be the next Guy Clark. Those are mighty big words but that's exactly what's happening right now. It's nice to see because it's only once in a blue moon that a musician with this gift comes along. If you read his bio, you'll be inspired as here's a fellow who was blown apart by a bomb overseas ( which is why he now plays the guitar opposite handed). He's also a great person. Get on board with this guy; you won't be sorry.
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