Shakin Apostles

Shakin Apostles
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The Shakin' Apostles have a style that has been described as Electric Western Folk-Rock. Upon first hearing the sounds of this talented Texas band most people are hard pressed to categorize them. There are obvious links to Rock and Roll and a deep connection to the renegade country sound of the Austin area. But the rich and varied backgrounds of the band members leave a unique musical signature that is best left undefined, for the sound is truly theirs alone. The band is fronted by Austin music veteran Freddie Steady Krc. Freddie has been backed by a host of solid musicians on the various releases, including Jerry Jeff Walker's long time lead guitar player, John Inmon. Cam King, the late Danny Thorpe, Greg Jackson and Ronnie Johnson have contributed their well respected talents as well. Many Texas music icons, such as Jerry Jeff, Lloyd Maines, Champ Hood and Ponty Bone make appearances on individual cuts. Concerning the current incarnation of the band, Freddie says "I bumped into Waco Jack McVey at the Saxon Pub a couple of years ago, and asked him to audition on drums. Jack’s band back in Waco, the Java Heads, had just lost their singer, so he brought along Bryan Jaska, his bass player, and his guitar player, Pat Kelly, too. And it’s worked out just great." The self titled Shakin' Apostles debut CD and their second endeavor, "Tucson" were released by ESD Records. Blue Rose Records of Germany released a compilation of these first two CD's titled "Austin, Texas." This album also included previously unreleased tracks and some live recordings. In November of 1997 Blue Rose released a new CD titled "Medicine Show". The European distribution of the Shakin' Apostles material has met with a great deal of success. Critics on both sides of the Atlantic have sung the praises of this uniquely American band. With four quality releases in their saddlebags, the band took "Medicine Show" on the road throughout Europe in April of 1998. "Medicine Show" was released in the US on "Big Tex" records and is distributed by Sundazed Records. This relationship continues with the spring 2000 release of the Shakin' Apostles live recording, "Too Hot For Snakes".
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Shakin Apostles  07/13/2001            
A fantastic blend of folk and rock, this CD is loaded with deep moving lyric. Freddie Krc leads you through a incrediable musical journey. I recommend all the Shakin' Apostles CDs, this one (Medicine Show)is my favorite one.
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